Dear Helen Zille, You’re My Disappointment (Part 2) — 4 Comments

  1. Good for you!!! The DA inability is shadowed by the ANC mess – but the incompetence is there.

  2. I lived in Knysna since 2004. Presently in UK for 1 year. It was the best 9 years of my 52. For the past year I have been visiting Loveknysna basically weekly. There has to be some truth in what you are saying.Kind of impossible to make this all up even if you are mad !. You got balls mate.I have experienced the mayors wrath personally when confirming approvale of building plans on their own computer records,contradictory to the letter they posted, so in front of me decided to alter their computer records …nog u ander een ….insinuating I was party to a fraudulent process beforehand. I only put two and two together from your letters / posts. She must be a handful…nog al die Mayor nou. Vasbyt Boet.

    • I have to agree with you. As crazy as it sounds, my life in Knysna, despite the economic struggles and political challenges, have absolutely been the best of my life!

      We can’t trust a government that refuses to answer questions. It’s simple, ask a question, get an answer – especially when it involves big bucks or threatens our economy’s engine. There’s far more that i know, including tender fraud, but reliable sources who won’t go on record doesn’t help me get the stories out.

      The people who attack me for putting it out there do so for selfish reasons that has nothing to do with the topics except try distract from them. Unfortunately, that will never stop so i just have to weather my disappointment as best i can. People, however, who can argue a point with logic, are always welcome to disagree with me.