Dear Lauren Waring (Estuary Pollution) — 8 Comments

  1. I wrote a note to Lauren Waring yesterday and asked if there was any fluoride in the Knysna water supply.
    Quick as a flash, she came back to me and reported that there is a 0.1mg/L fluoride occurring naturally and, most importantly, the municipality does not use fluoride in the water supply in any way.

    Thumbs up for them!
    Thanks Ms Waring.

      • ja but what else do they put in the water? We saw a truck load of chlorine arriving, transported in bright yellow bottles. Maybe that was for the poor ol lagoon/ or the waterworks? But seriously our tap water tastes horrible, it shouldn’t have a taste. I drink filtered rainwater.

  2. The particular stretch which Wicked Mike refers to deserves both a compliment, and a scolding. It is clear that someone (SANparks, municipality, who knows) is responsible for planting a long line of trees along the path. That’s great and many thanks to whomsoever it was. On the negative side however, I too have witnessed the whole area covered in litter at the weekend (I’m talking stuff that should be in waste paper bins, not the heavy duty pollution which Mike points to like old tyres and toilet cisterns). There is an obvious reason why the area, which has the potential to be a beauty spot, is so littered. It is frequented by a group of regular hobos who are usually drunk with cheep booze, and spend much of their time raking in the bins. They throw the bin contents onto the ground and leave it there. I’ve challenged these people about their behaviour on two occasions but it ought not to be my job to do so. They are clearly a social problem and the police ought to intervene. If these people were raking in the bins on Main Street and throwing litter all over the street, they would surely be arrested. So what’s the difference with our precious lagoon area?

  3. The municipality should notice if ‘the job’ is being done or not and SANParks, please get your casual employees to be enthusiastic about the very important job they are doing. This should be a team effort, municipality, SANParks, and the citizens all doing their bit.

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