Dear Speaker for Knysna, Eleanore Spies — No Comments

  1. Me thinks a rebel desparately in search of a cause taking the shot gun approach hoping that some thing will emerge to justify his efforts.
    Whilst wwe each have our gripes and dissatisfactions we need to excercise restraint and allow the incumbents to execute their duties rather than deflecting their focus from the demanding management issues at hand, whilst simultaneously contending with disruptive and destructive , political in-fighting as well/ Spurious claims and and seemingly ill-founded allegations should be treated in the manner they deserve.
    Seek rather to serve your cause with solid unequivocal evidence/ proof the serious wrong doing.
    in that way you’ll gain the attention for which you are searching!!.
    Peter Oosthuizen

    • I always have my doubts about true agenda when a newcomer starts with an insult. That’s unreasonable yet you expect me to adapt to your definition of what is reasonable. Directly, to this letter, do you believe that politicians are allowed to disobey the law and not respond? Eleonor Spies did not respond and so i posted the letter publicly. Secondly, Spies decided to write a long, emotional letter devoid of fact to the Knysna-Plett Herald. Was that reasonable? Let’s then look at the bigger context. I have proven, with lots of evidence and law, that both have committed crimes. All that pursue legal action against me have refused to answer questions – do you believe in democracy? Do you believe that South African politics is free of corruption or only applies to the ANC and not to both the ANC and the DA? Do you believe that that “in-fighting” is all done above board? If you have failed to notice any of this, then you have to be biased. Just because there’s a lack of will, from our unjust society, to bring them to justice, doesn’t mean that they’re not guilty. Eventually, National Government will have to step in.