They attack me, I defend with more truth

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THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU HERE. I don’t have money so when the Democratic Alliance (DA) attacks me, my defence is to fight back through exposing more truths about them.

My motivation this past week was another crooked DA councillor getting an interim order against me, the court date for consideration of permanent order in 2 weeks time. That Knysna Magistrates’ Court is corrupt, a sickness against decency, having never once considered my evidence or mentioned the DA’s role in its judgements against me.

The Knysna Magistrates’ Court even gave a protection order to the councillor who falsely labelled me as a child abuser, created a fake psychiatric diagnosis of me as a sociopath (as evidence for another DA member), and threatened to sue 200 of my subscribers for R60-million (if you know his/her name, don’t mention it as I’m gagged).

The DA has never been the anti-corruption, transparent or accountability party. That was marketing, not truth.

Mike Hampton activist exposing Democratic Alliance corruption

The DA’s repeated goal has been to try attack me into silence me through abuse of the courts and intimidation. They chose that instead of having an honest conversation with us, the Public. They chose that because their leadership in stinky Cape Town is implicated in Knysna’s crimes. They chose that because the future they want for the Western Cape isn’t for us but for themselves, and my activism threatens that plan.

Your readership found my Facebook posts reaching 57,207 people this past week. More importantly, there were 14,740 engagements (likes, shares, comments). Considering that there are only 1,900 of you there, that’s remarkable. The Knysna-Plett Herald’s 22,500 subscribers achieved less than that.

And it’s great to see that the DA’s Knysna Facebook page is as limp as a 200-year-old pigeon’s penis. They don’t even bother to post local news anymore (because it all involves their screw-ups). They post articles about the National ANC which locals are ignoring because finger pointing doesn’t address our immediate lives (WHICH MATTER). The DA’s an impotent, naked man standing in a crowded mall of sexy women, pointing at an ant in the hope no one sees his saggy nudity. No viagra will help the DA’s credibility.

I’ll post two more articles this month but will publicly quieten as I’ve two affidavits to prepare, one for a court case and another for the Hawks who have a team flying to see me on Wednesday. There’s no way that I can finish what I need to do but will, always, do the best I can.

To keep myself motivated, I will take two breaks this weekend. In life, especially under stress, we must have things to look forward to. The first will be a morning walk somewhere pretty, the other filling my tummy with a Durban bunny chow 🙂 I suggest you take the same medicine.

Enjoy your week, even better if you make someone else enjoy it with you!

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2018.09.12a1 FB stats57207 reach 14740 engagements