DA refuses response to child rape allegation

Democratic Alliance child rape abuse allegation Knysna councillor

It’s alleged that a married Knysna Democratic Alliance (DA) councillor conceived a baby with a girl approximately 15-years-old. That’s classified as child rape.

An allegation isn’t sufficient for an article or criminal charges but warrants concern and pursuit. It also makes sense to be hesitant in case it’s an allegation arising from dirty politics – the battle for control of Knysna has been particularly vicious, one councillor seemingly dead because of it.


However, I was aware that the churchgoing alleged child abuser had a reputation for sex out of marriage. Consequently, on September 15 2018, I contacted DA Leader Mmusi Maimane and DA Federal Executive Chair James Selfe, asking them to investigate. They’re in the best position to do so. This is my email to them but with parts removed so that the identity of the alleged child abuser is protected i.e. he must be given the benefit of the doubt!

“Mmusi and James, I’m sending this only to you as the topic must be treated sensitively. It’s of sufficient importance that you verify if it’s true or not. Please do so quietly! I will not be asking questions publicly. I don’t want to question the subject, Knysna Democratic Alliance Councillor [name withheld].

Although it’s only rumour, [name withheld] does have a reputation for extramarital activities which added to my deciding, ‘Do I or don’t I send you this email?’

[paragraph removed]

The DA falsely and deliberately and repeatedly associated me with child abuse. I will not do that to another man, not even though he’s corrupt and supporting your darkness which threatens our town. His family must be considered!

It’s alleged that [name withheld] conceived a baby with a girl approximately 15-years-old i.e. likely just before elections and your interviews with him. The mother is now approximately 18.

You need to determine if this is vicious faction propaganda or truth. The person who told me is connected to the DA which makes it your problem either way.

If true, you won’t avoid scandal but you will avoid the worst of it, particularly responsibility. If it’s true, our Council can quickly be made one person cleaner by your order (not resignation which would be irresponsible of you). If true, you would avoid the faction that doesn’t support you possibly scoring a point against you.

If false, then that would be good news. That would be the preferable outcome. I’d be a weight off my head. I’d rather focus on your political criminality. There’s far too much of that already.”


The reference to me is frightfully true. Whilst I was exposing various incidents of the DA’s corruption, with some of it resulting in three hearings in Parliament, the DA ran a propaganda campaign against me. I was repeatedly and falsely associated with child abuse, a missing child and mental disease. I exposed those behind the anonymous social media pages, and reported them to the DA. The response was Premier Helen Zille allowing one of the criminals to become a councillor. I believe that was reward for dirty deeds done on behalf of her political party. Under the next Mayor of Knysna, the propaganda was run against me again. They also committed fraud, using a doctor working for them to create a fake psychiatric diagnosis of me. No one in the DA would act on my complaint. the only logical deduction is that it benefited the party to discredit me before Parliament made a ruling (which is still awaited). It’s also possible that the campaign could implicate bigger people in the DA.

The Hawks, our specialised police task force, are currently investigating that and much more.


I don’t want to put another man through what I went through which is why I chose the silent route, asking my enemies to sort their own mess for the sake of expediency and the town.

But there was no response so I sent another email on September 27:

“James and Mmusi, you disappoint me more than normal. Whether the allegation is true or false, that you haven’t responded in 12 days is a new low for the Democratic Alliance and your personal morality.

Consequently, I extend the question to DA Western Cape Chairperson Anton Bredell, DA Western Cape Leader Bonginkosi Madikizela and DA Knysna Constituency representative Alan Winde.

You’re all inner circle men so I must hope that you treat this delicately but responsibly. Please don’t make me contact your support staff in order to gain response from you. I would like as few people as possible involved.”

I also contacted the alleged perpetrator:

“I’ve been contacted by someone well connected to the DA, accusing you of serious offence. Is it true or dirty political lie? Did you, as a married man, father a child with an underage girl? If so, over what period was that, how old was she when it began, how old is the baby, and what is your relationship with them now? Do you pay maintenance? Is this revelation the reason why you [details withheld]? If not, then why did you [details withheld]?

Silence remained loud so I reluctantly forwarded my emails to the local Council on October 1, only addressing Mayor Mark Willemse and MAYCO Member Councillor Peter Myers:

“Councillors Willemse and Myers, I’m forced to hand this messy question to you as your DA bosses and [name withheld] have failed to respond, some for 16 days.

You both allowed me to be falsely associated with child abuse for the benefit of the DA. I am not like you so I want the questioning of [name withheld] to be treated with discretion.

If the allegation is false, your motivation should be to protect your fellow councillor. If true, your motivation should be to protect the Public you serve.

True or false, if you fail to act, it will show the Public how despicable you are.

You have until 9am this Wednesday to inform me of your positive actions.”

Today is Wednesday.

Despite Willemse being the DA’s Mayor, he’s a choice of the People, not the DA’s national leadership. They’ve demanded he step down and have already advertised the position, choosing Michelle Wasserman as his replacement. Willemse and Myers are fighting for their political survival against a faction of the DA more powerful than them. Wasserman is considered to be in the opposing faction, with allegiance to Alan Winde whose soon to become Premier. She’s likely to be more effective against Willemse and Myers. But for her to takeover as Mayor, she first has to move from being a citizen to being a councillor. In order for that to happen, a DA councillor has to resign or be forced out. Maybe Willemse and Myers haven’t responded because they know that if the child abuse allegation is true, it would create entry for Michelle Wasserman, a more formidable force.


Mmusi-Maimane-protecting DA corruption.png
Why the silence, Mmusi Maimane, why?

This blog is the result of 18 days of DA silence. I’m hoping that the DA will be forced to act, to either address the crime or to stop the use of this propaganda, the nastiest sort, as political tool.

The DA has previously used child abuse as a fake news weapon. The DA refuses to respond to an allegation that one of their own raped a child.

The main question today is not the unproven child rape but why the DA would act so irresponsibly towards such serious topic? Is the DA’s image more important than our lives, to be protected at any cost, more important than a theme sickening our country?

Mmusi Maimane, James Selfe, Helen Zille and others who lead the DA – will you answer that question?

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