The DA’s favouritism towards Manon McDonald

Manon McDonald and husband Johan McDonald Jam Electrical

Knysna’s Manager Electrical Department Manon McDonald was allegedly involved in graft and tender irregularities.

This is further example of Democratic Alliance municipalities protecting their own instead of the Public.
In 2014, McDonald secured Nissan vehicles for the traffic department. The tender wasn’t awarded to the winning bidder. Round the same time, her and her husband, Johan, were alleged to be driving new Nissan vehicles too. I had two acquaintances of theirs contact me to say that they’d personally scored from the deal, one even saying they’d received a vehicle free. This has never been confirmed or denied because no one will investigate.

Susan Campbell, from the Knysna Ratepayers’ association, had previously received similar information from different sources, resulting in her making detailed complaint to the Municipality.

Manon McDonald and husband Johan McDonald
Manon McDonald and husband Johan McDonald – photo source Facebook

A citizen with connections to the Municipality informed me in June 2015 that Manon had given her husband, Johan, a contract. Then an employee of the Electrical Department informed me that the private contractor receiving most of the work, in the millions, from the Electrical Dept, was the husband of Manon, operating as the sole owner of Jam Electrical.

Jam Electrical’s company information (2009/172280/23) confirms that he’s the sole member and that his full names is Theunis Johannes Mc Donald.

I was later told that Johan McDonald had received contracts under different company names over the years. Another acquaintance of the McDonalds said that Johan had received contracts for a decade.

I informed Susan Campbell who laid complaint on behalf of the Knysna Ratepayers Association.

Instead of her being investigated, Manon handed in her resignation. In Council, ANC Councillor Gombo stated in reference to the scandals: “It’s why she resigned.”

Cliffe Dekker Hoymeyr Attorneys was contracted to investigate… but strangely only one electrical tender given to Johan MacDonald. They found it irregular yet recommended that the funds not be recovered as it may cost more. The Municipality added further reason by stating that Manon was no longer an employee of the Municipality.

Neither should’ve been reason for irrelevance.

George Municipal Manager Trevor Botha
George Municipal Manager Trevor Botha

Knysna Municipality and the DA have a trend of allowing senior managers to gets away with maladministration and crime, too often to be coincidence. It will be relevant to discover who gave Manon McDonald reference for her new job was as Fleet Manager in the DA-led George Municipality, only 60km away. George is also the DA’s seat of power for Eden District (recently renamed the Garden Route District Municipality).

George Municipal Manager Trevor Botha (and the ACDP, FF+ and DA) have failed to respond to my queries which were:

“Refer to the email to Manon McDonald below. At the heart of this is whether DA-loyal administrators made a plan for a crony.

1. Who hired Manon McDonald?

2. Who was on the selection panel?

3. Why was she hired despite the obvious controversy in Knysna at the time?

4. Who from Knysna Municipality provided reference for her? provide a copy?”

Manon McDonald also failed to respond.

But you, the reader, can respond below my Facebook post.