The Democratic Alliance’s role in state capture

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State Capture involves the African National Congress and the Democratic Alliance. The former is well known and I’m pleased that our country is finally making inroads towards justice. The latter’s corruption isn’t but Cape Town, Knysna, George and Oudtshoorn are standing up.

A state is defined as “a nation or territory considered as an organized political community under one government.”

The Western Cape mostly has its own culture and is controlled by the DA. There’s no separation of powers between party and state when, for example, Helen Zille is Premier, MEC Housing Bonginkosi Madikizela is DA Western Cape Leader and MEC Local Government Anton Bredell is their Chairperson.

In the Western Cape, the DA’s corruption includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Illegal funding of a Section 21 Company called Knysna Tourism. Done without tender and continued despite the Municipality obtaining a legal opinion against it. DA politicians were on the Board. I’m unsure of the total amount but approx R30-million during my protest. This figure will multiply as MEC Alan Winde has used the same ‘funding model’ in other towns in the Western Cape.
  • Illegal awarding of a tender to start the process of planning Knysna’s 30-year future. Given to property developers with most conflict of interest who never won tender. DA MEC Bredell green-lit the tender despite having signed for a joint Treasury/Local Govt report that damned it.
  • Helen Zille allowed two corrupt DA candidates to become councillors after I gave her evidence of their crimes; one in graft and fraud; the other propaganda and intimidation. It’s my belief their jobs were pay-offs, one for being an ANC spy for the DA, the other for their campaign to discredit me.
  • Majority of Knysna Electric Department contracts were given to the one-man company run by the Manager of the Department’s husband.
  • Fraudulent investigation by Knysna Municipality to clear themselves of responsibility for the Great Knysna Fire, a serious issue considering death and destruction, and the minimum R480-million they’re being sued for.
  • Illegal appointments of a municipal manager, director and communications manager.

Mike Hampton activist - sidebarThe reason I fight it is because few were looking after us whilst others pointed fingers at the ANC. How can a whole province be made irrelevant by party identity politics? It happened. Just look at the trolls on social medias who hound me with nastiness and stupidity instead of being on topic with fact and debate, the tools of civilised people. The lack of social media moderating supports them.

There are far too many out to divide us whilst obscuring the truth. We must stand against them.

Which is why I compose this post, to shine the blinding light of truth into their crazy eyes. On Facebook, in the comment section, I will post links to support the above and to educate new readers who love their families and South Africa more than the politicians they vote for.