Democratic Alliance: Same S##t, Different Government

I’m scared but want to be brave. I went silent & away for months but that didn’t stop the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) efforts to destroy me. Maybe because my petition to the South African Parliament still awaits debate – for unknown and strange reason, delayed by the ANC.

I’ve created in the hope that Public awareness will give me protection. I neither have the desire nor the luxury of choosing affiliation. Whether you’re liberal, conservative, moderate, ANC, EFF, UDM, VF+, sensationalist or honest citizen, I encourage you to share my posts. Although I have yet to meet a single DA politicians who will publicly fight corruption in their party, I have to hope that all aren’t going to Hell where the DA Federal Executive will likely also be in charge. Party loyalty, on all sides, is killing South Africa.

So I’m going to SHOUT in the hope YOU hear me. Because this affects your life too. You need perspective.

The DA owns a province the size of Greece. And they’re stretching for more. Throughout history, politicians and warlords have fought and damaged for far less. I don’t want you to vote for them without knowing who they are; the people who conned you with a marketing plan using buzzwords like “anti-corruption”, “transparency” and “good governance”. They’re none of that. They’re power hungry and cronyistic. They are more deviously successful than Bell Pottinger. They have rich, secret funders. They wouldn’t hesitate to commit crime to protect themselves.

Who does the Democratic Alliance (DA) work for?

I don’t believe there are political parties, just immensely powerful groups that strangle most sectors of our society and work across parties. There’s no difference between the DA leadership and the Zuma they claimed to despise. Well, there’s one difference… grossly greater Media loyalty. It cannot be called journalism. They chose a side! The Media has played a monster role in deceiving South Africa. They confused our perception between right and wrong. They distracted us from honest knowledge that would’ve helped us understand and plan our lives.

Don’t argue back at me about the ANC or the EFF. There’s enough people writing ONLY about them, a shadow that has protected the DA for too damn long. The difference between right and wrong, truth and lies, justice and injustice should never be decided by the colour of our skin or which party we belong to. Political blindness is often disgusting decision gained through discrimination. You need to tear off the eyelids they grew on you and see the world for yourself. Control your own mind. And, please, substantiate your opinion on social media!

I’m an activist and citizen journalist who refuses to belong to any party. I’ve exposed corruption revealing the true, dark nature of the Democratic Alliance (DA) and its leadership. For that, they seek to destroy me.

These are true stories about the DA many of you didn’t know or don’t want to know.

If you believe in Truth, keep reading. If you want to help protect me and keep me fighting this evil, please comment… and SHARE.

Mike Hampton