The DA participated in tender fraud

Democratic Alliance DA tender fraud

The Democratic Alliance (DA) participated in tender fraud in Knysna that was rumoured to mostly benefit local white businesses. No one has been held accountable. Both the DA leadership and Western Cape Government have failed to act which must make one wonder where else this is happening in the province, if it’s supported until caught.

The Auditor General questioned tenders in Knysna. in one year alone, several were linked to R9-million in irregular tenders due to a “bonus” to local suppliers that circumnavigated BBBEE i.e. a tenderer who did not submit a BBBEE certificate and did not score the highest points could win a tender.

Knysna Municipality paid a premium of up to 11.11% in tenders exceeding R1,000,000.00 and 25% in tenders between R30,000 and R100,000,00.

it’s logical that the more money saved, the better service delivery overall. Consequently, it’s illegal to not go with the lowest bidder who can do the job.

This was reported in detail by citizen Susan Campbell to the Knysna Municipality, Provincial Treasury and National Treasury to little effect. However, there were warnings, hollow so as to pretend to do something whilst having no intention of acting.

The Knysna Municipality ignored the warning from Provincial Treasury.

The Western Cape Auditor General strangely allowed the Municipality to retain its clean audit for the 2016/2017 financial year. But when the warning was ignored, it became one reason why the clean audit status was removed for 2017/2018.

The total loss to the Public is unknown but likely in the tens of millions of rands. It should be considered as wasteful expenditure, a loss to the taxpayer that needs to be recovered from those involved.

It was also one of the charges against ex-Municipal Manager Grant Easton, seemingly swept under the carpet after he resigned.

Many were aware of the illegality, particularly the DA running the Municipality. I call it the The DA’s illegal preferential policy because they denied wrongdoing to Parliament yet continued to vote in biased support of those who never won the tenders. It makes the DA deliberately criminal.