The Difficult DA and Proof They Lied (Part 2) — No Comments

  1. Bless. All the fight’s gone out of him. The taut, angry balloon of aggression has become the limp, wrinkly bladder of resentment.

  2. Once again you continue to lie about and intentionally distort the situation and events surrounding the Knysna Tourism situation. You have been endlessly supplied with detailed facts and figures but it seems that if these do not support your distorted view of the world then you tend to ignore the information or change the facts at will. This is disgraceful – you are entitled to your own opinions but not to your own made up facts.
    All the independent parties that you have contacted from the Public Protector to the Auditors and so on, have reported that the situation at Knysna Tourism has been satisfactorily explained and resolved and in the view of the Public Protector – no further action should or will be taken. It seems as if all you have been after all the time is a paid position or role at Knysna Tourism – this is never going to happen, so get over it and move on.
    Your visceral hatred of the DA run Knysna municipality is palpable. You have destroyed your own credibility and the vanishingly small number of people who may still sympathise with you are fast becoming too embarrassed to admit it in public. After all who wants to be associated with a dishonest loon!!!!
    As an aside – I think the Mike / Patrick double act is a bit too good to be true.
    I can only conclude from the comments that Patrick makes that Mike and Patrick are the same person – please try and prove me wrong!
    In the absence of such proof please be advised that one of the signs of madness is when you talk to yourself and believe everything you say!

    • People should be good at at least one thing so congratulations, Peter Myers, you really do blubber with the best of them. Your repeated attempts to discredit me are incredibly lame.
      Just last week, as you would have read, but i repeat for the readers who view your comment, Alan Winde said, “I am aware that Mike’s mail below asks for deeper detail on the tourism budgets.”
      I’ve also stated to you in the comment section that i would blog my response. That has so far entailed many thousands of words. I wanted to be sure that everyone understood your false accusations and understand how foolish the local DA can be.
      If you were truly trying to be constructive, as you initially promised to be, you would not have committed to this silliness. You are as two-faced as it gets.
      As for Patrick, my dialogue, as he said, is so remotely different to his. I’ll go further to say that most of his comments are a damn site cleverer than mine. I do know who Patrick is. My condition is knowing who my commentators are, whether they agree or disagree, but not for them to reveal themselves considering the way they may be targeted i.e. Mark Allan, my cyberstalker, defender of the DA administration, Tourism and Lauren Waring, who contacted my supporters, ensured that. Furthermore, Patrick may be reclusive but at least he’s one of those subscribers whose had a face-to-face chat with me – i respect that. However, he has revealed who he is, once, on this blog. I will leave you to find it.

      • Oh, just so all know, Peter Myers from the DA is now banned on this site. I welcome educated disagreement but not subversion. I’m hoping that his actions are not a reflection on Alan Winde who i’m hoping will deliver. Additionally, i have contacted another in the DA who believes in real dialogue (as opposed to the wall of the Knysna Municipality). I will meet that person this month and keep you informed.

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