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  1. I can only conclude from the above that Mike and Patrick are the same person – please try and prove me wrong!
    In the absence of such proof please be advised that one of the signs of madness is when you talk to yourself and believe everything you say!

    • For some reason, I’m now picturing your wife. Small, mousey, blonde, quite pretty, but tired-looking. Most of her conversation with others consists of standing next to you saying “yes”, “he’s right you know” and “that’s true dear”. Smiles and nods a lot. Secretly, she thinks you’re a bit dim and sometimes borderline racist, but she loves how proud you look when you get to be The Official Spokesman at Events.

      • I’ve addressed the same question asked by Peter elsewhere.
        Although part me is tempted to laugh at Patrick’s comment it’s because you should be laughed at. But your wife is another story. I admired her so find her sudden role in supporting you very disappointing. I believe in right or wrong, not family no matter what.

  2. It’s less than amusing. Peter is, and was, destroying any and all sympathy for the DA in his inept and naive approach to this blog.
    His knee-jerk, almost endearing blind loyalty will do a much better job at exposing the chinks in the political armour than you or I could do in a month of Sundays. The man could not even spell “spin doctor” if he tried and you’ve shut the door on his self expose. He was doing a fine job of exposing the dubious attitude and devil-may-care stance of politics in general here in Knysna and also in SA.
    It is in the gift for employing all the vicissitudes of life to one’s own advantage and to that of one’s craft that a large part of success consists, and, in banning the nincompoop, you’re missing a very important trick here; He is busy blowing what little credibility his elite chums have left, all on his lonesome.
    I can only assume Peter is under medical instruction to carefully write down any thought-like impulses he might have, as they caper merrily through his brain like fleeting ghosts. Priceless.
    I say bring Myers back. We’ve not had such amusement for a very long time and he’ll do a way better job of exposing his agenda than anyone here on earth.

    • You may be right… and if you aren’t then you should be after that elegant prose. However, i’ve learned from the likes of Mark Allan that false claims become bigger as frustration at not being able to prove their point grows until it has the possibility of sucking me into their black hole e.g. 26 months and counting on Allan so far. I don’t want to entertain the witless, bias and cruel with hidden agendas. I’ve already stopped updating all my other sites and charity work so that i can stay on topic as best i can. Already, the many blogs i’m writing to prove Peter Meyers, as representative for the DA, has kept up their policy of distorting truth have consumed much time i.e. a week already. I don’t want to indulge these people too much. I don’t have the resources and it’s been a very tough month financially. I need to keep my eye on the ball of truth and consequent justice once obtained.

  3. Once again you continue to lie about and intentionally distort the situation and events surrounding the Knysna Tourism situation. You have been endlessly supplied with detailed facts and figures but it seems that if these do not support your distorted view of the world then you tend to ignore the information or change the facts at will. This is disgraceful – you are entitled to your own opinions but not to your own made up facts.
    All the independent parties that you have contacted from the Public Protector to the Auditors and so on, have reported that the situation at Knysna Tourism has been satisfactorily explained and resolved and in the view of the Public Protector – no further action should or will be taken. It seems as if all you have been after all the time is a paid position or role at Knysna Tourism – this is never going to happen, so get over it and move on.
    Your visceral hatred of the DA run Knysna municipality is palpable. You have destroyed your own credibility and the vanishingly small number of people who may still sympathise with you are fast becoming too embarrassed to admit it in public. After all who wants to be associated with a dishonest loon!!!!

    • To the public: Peter Meyers, a man who suddenly appears on my website to make 5 comments slanging me despite all the evidence i’ve provided to the contrary. Why? I’ll tell you. My first meeting with him was one in which he totally misrepresented his intentions but introduced himself as having surprisingly found himself in the DA constituency of Knysna, from nowhere to #2 position.
      The day before Zille arrived in Knysna, he made his first derogatory remark on this blog – coincidence? I think not. Likely trying to make a name for himself or on orders from someone higher up to plant doubt as the elections approach.
      There’s no need for me to spare time on this disinformation and bad intention so he’s now banned. However, as promised, he will be given a full response in blog form (not a simple comment). In fact, i already began with that with the Zille’s fake photo shoot and the pointless meeting at the yacht club. This morning i posted a third part which is part of the response to their lie that they’ve been helpful.
      I’m addressing each of his accusations. Just to find all the emails for this afternoon’s blog took several days. I’m giving you tons of detail and will provide more.
      This is all delays, as they normally enact, but, in a way, helps, as i want the response i give to Alan Winde to be as clear as possible… and devoid of Peter Meyer’s false accusations.
      If the DA had been helpful, i’d have 3 years of my life back and this blog would not exist. It would have been easy of them to help, a matter of good intention and a few days, but they have deliberately chosen to hide information. This is not the first time they’ve done so.
      They try exhaust complainants with the realisation that the last resort is to go to court… which the average citizen cannot afford… even though they use taxpayer’s cash to fight you. It’s a ridiculous system that perpetuates it’s low regard for honesty and the will of the public.
      Peter Meyer’s dishonesty is nothing new, just old news… but, like old food, it still smells.

    • Can you imagine trying to explain ANYTHING to Peter? You’d have to start every sentence by hitting him in the face with a spade. The “vanishingly small number of people?”
      They can’t suppress the truth forever Peter. Not as long as there are brave, honest souls like you who can nearly communicate and don’t have the wit, let alone the intention, to deceive. God bless you.

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