The disturbing situation at Knysna Tourism — 11 Comments

  1. You must bring this to SCOPA and the Hawks attention. It seems to me that there are much more underhand things happening at Knysna Municipality and Knysna Tourism. This whole matter needs a thorough investigation by the appropriate law enforcement agencies. How far is the Public Protector’s investigation? Mike I will be in Knysna this next week, please leave a number for me to contact you. You are doing excellent work mate!

    • Thanks. I’ll mail you my number. Hawks will only make a decision after the Public Protector finishes. As they have said, it’s difficult to cross the civil and criminal divide when dealing with Section 21s. Agreed, i should push for SCOPA too. And the National Treasury.

  2. This is so disgraceful, but ja power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!

  3. Blatant arrogance on their part to do with public funds like it belongs to them. Sick government! The ANC and Cope councillors must be getting something from this, why the deafening silence on their part?

    • ANC as a whole, are not opposition in Knysna and considering their sudden withdrawal of objections to Lauren Waring i can’t help but6 wonder what else is at play. What is certain is that ANC councillors are not serving Knysna but some are driving bigger cars (unfortunately, most citizens don’t recognise their leaders so think it’s just another dude in a cool car). Particularly, Stephen de Vries, the Chief Whip for the Knysna ANC who is a director on the Knysna Tourism Board, has refused to respond to me many times. When the ANC and DA work together to prevent transparency, we should be worried. Like our odd weather, politics in Knysna is different to elsewhere. I will be upping the ante again some people such as Stephen within the next week. And i have many more revelations about Tourism to share with my readers.

  4. Waring is duty bound to come up with answers. If she draws a salary from public funds, she is a public SERVANT that works for all the men and woman that pay taxes. People need to start reminding every public servant in the world. They are not your leaders, they are your servants.

    • Since i’ve said that before, many times, i absolutely agree! How to make the brainwashed common man believe that he has the power is the problem. What we complain about is normally partly our fault because we allow it to happen.

  5. For someone who is no longer is a services supplier to Knysna Tourism, meaning that the odd R20,000 doesn’t make its way into your own, you sure have a large axe to grind.

    Is it true that your membership was suspended for non-payment? If so, why should anyone at Knysna Tourism explain themselves to you? Your little vendettas are ever so tiring, especially when you appear to have undisclosed vested interests.

    • I’m happy to keep comments anonymous if the persons reveals themselves to me and use a real email address. I made that stipulation because of unsubstantiated and propagandist comments whose purpose was to ignore the issues and try divert attention onto me. In this case, they haven’t and the edress is fake but i do so to make a point of how some use lies as defense i.e. the simple fact is that Tourism has not been honest and this comment furthers their, or their supporter’s, dishonesty. I ran workshops at tourism 2 and a half years ago. That has never been hidden and it was through that that i discovered some bad things about Knysna Tourism. Additionally, i was very public in my quitting as a member of Knysna Tourism so as to try make other members ask questions at the last AGM. This has all been shared with my readers. I’d love to be a member of Tourism again but not until their are honest directors on the Tourism Board instead of the absolutely not-for-the-members dictators who have refused to answer very important questions, who’ve done everything to delay the public getting the answers they have every right too. The current Knysna Tourism Board is disgusting. People who do not show their love for Knysna should not be in positions controlling Knysna!

  6. Tourism is supposed to have a CEO. CEO is supposed to have an EXCO committee to support him. He never had one and now there’s no CEO as well. The Board is suppose to provide check and balance but when things fell apart shifted all the blame onto the ex-CEO instead of sharing the blame. The Board and the Financial sub-committee include Municipal members who are suppose to ensure all is well too. Financial reports get submitted to Corporate Services which which has its own Director who naturally liases with the Financial Director who both fall under the Lauren Waring (who is also on the Tourism Board). Both the DA and ANC are represented too. From start to end, no one did their job and for that to be perfectly idiotic i have to suspect deliberate misdeed.

    Despite all these connections, and the vast majority of funding coming from ratepayer’s money (a tax/levy), Lauren Waring said exactly the wrong thing which was basically that Tourism is a section 21 company so not her affair.

    So Muncipality gave no info and Tourism left out the most important.

  7. Do you have the skinny on the NTB shenanigans with the Public Protector?
    Do you just get no answer about these questions?
    Who does the Tourism board answer to?