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Corruption is the biggest threat to our society. Kids, the elderly, immigrants, conservation and pets are secondary. Not because I don’t care. I’m afflicted by caring too much. The nasty fact is that education, health and safety will never be adequately addressed until we stop politicians and government officials from stealing their chances, our shared possibility of a better future.

Corruption must be fought in every corner. Don’t choose skin colour or political gangs. Stand against the crimes of the ANC, ACDP, EFF and DA etc. Don’t buy stolen goods. Don’t pay bribes. DON’T PRETEND YOU’RE HELPLESS because there’s always something you can do to make your street or suburb a better place.

We all need to become activists but it’s obvious that few are prepared to dive to the depths I swim in. Some, justifiably, have to protect their families. However, they can appreciate activism by supporting it.


I fight corruption full-time. I’ve solid track record of exposing crime. I may not be able to get Government to act on it but by making people aware, they’re warned about those they may deal with. Additionally, pressure has stopped some crimes from continuing, cost politicians funds and votes, caused officials to quit or transfer. Over 2000 people have downloaded my book for free.

Even if it’s only enough for coffee where there’s internet, or to pay my monthly bank fee, donations are greatly appreciated. Nothing too small… nothing too large 🙂 Soon I’ll need plane flights and accommodation for court cases in Cape Town and Knysna. Please help me keep fighting for us.


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