SSDG Same Shit, Different Government - download individual chaptersDownload individual chapters of ‘SAME SHIT DIFFERENT GOVERNMENT – BOOK 1’ (SSDG #1), my book about Democratic Alliance (DA) corruption, in pdf or audio format. Or read it online.

This is a resource for those who want info on specific topics rather than the whole book. Some, for example, are more interested in the heavier evidence against Premier Alan Winde and DA Western Cape Chair Anton Bredell in the first section, whereas the intimidation in the second section is a more accessible read/listen for the casual reader.

It also makes it easier for readers to share the parts they want their friends and colleagues to know the most.

My goal is to ensure that my evidence against Democratic Alliance (DA) corruption remains free and shared no matter what happens to me.


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Book 1 – The Corruption & The Intimidation

A citizen’s fight against the ‘liberal’ corruption of South Africa’s Democratic Alliance Party

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Wake Up! (kill your apathy):

Preface (kicking as hard as I can):


Drowning in the Deep Blue Sea
– involving the Democratic Alliance

The Prettiest Town in South Africa
– introducing Knysna and small town politics

The Gravity of Slowly Digested Words
– sociopaths, psychopaths, cyberstalkers and citizens


Chapter 1 – Unfriendly Tourism
– Knysna Tourism, the DA and illegal funding

Chapter 2 – Blue as a Bruise, Winde as a Fart
– implicating Premier Alan Winde

Chapter 3 – The Mayor, Minister & Property Developers
– implicating DA Western Cape Chair Anton Bredell

Chapter 4 – Praise the Backstabbers
– implicating Grant Easton & DA Councillor Georlene Wolmarans

Chapter 5 – The Mayor of Cronyism
– implicating DA councillor Eleanore Spies and Fran Kirsten

Chapter 6 – The Other Evil Politicians Do
– implicating ANC councillor Stephen de Vries and others


Important Definitions (For Online Travellers)
– fallacies used for propaganda and cyberstalking


Chapter 7 – An Unholy Union
– implicating psychopathic propagandist Mark Allan

Chapter 8- Dr. Sociopath & the Disciples of the DA
– implicating DA Councillor Dr Martin Young

Chapter 9 – Kiddiefucker
– propaganda campaign using false allegations of child abuse

Chapter 10 – The Nastiest Town in South Africa
– the evil of Ashley Barnes, Mark Beard and others

Chapter 11 – April Fools’ Day
– the petty ridiculousness of the DA


If I Were the Devil

God, Politicians & Pastors

Please Stop Destroying South Africa


Dear President Cyril Ramaphosa

Please Forgive Me

Will You Help Me?

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