SSDG Same Shit, Different Government - Dr Sociopath & the Disciples of the DACHAPTER 8 – DR SOCIOPATH & THE DISCIPLES OF THE DA

“If a politician found he had cannibals among his constituents, he would promise them missionaries for dinner.” H.L. Mencken

This is a montage of threats Dr. Martin Young emailed me over a few days at the end of March 2016. The DA made him their Councillor five months later.

“Attention Hampton…

You seem not to realize that you are in no position to negotiate. I’m surprised you even tried. We hold all the cards, and have all the power to make your life really and truly miserable…

The moment it is out there that Louis’ Steakhouse supports you and enables you, there is bound to be a consequence to their business…

We are an open consortium of all the people in Knysna you have ever dared to attack, now come together to make sure you pay handsomely for your activities. In addition are wealthy businessmen and women who are prepared to pay to see it stopped. No names. You’ll probably never know. Feel better now?

Jail is more than likely your next Knysna destination…”

What Young called “Louis’ Steakhouse” is actually just ‘Louis’. Online it’s ‘Louis Restaurant & Bar’. The restaurant never supported me. The owner wasn’t my friend. I was just a customer who occasionally introduced tourists and others to the biggest meal in Knysna. And, in Winter, it would be great to have a drink next to one of the two large fireplaces.

As I had for many businesses, I’d given it free advertising (without it being requested). Through and Facebook, I promoted what I loved and what I thought would make an impression on visitors. I wanted my town to grow. Consider me punting Louis’ here for the inconvenience the politicians caused.

I’d been told that Young had been going door to door, telling businesses to ban me. He’d then have the audacity to ask them to donate money towards legal fees to put me in jail. Owners had told me what was happening but wouldn’t go on record for fear of harm. I expect that hateful politics inducing anxiety wasn’t encouraging investment in Knysna. However, the DA would blame my blogging for that.

I worried that I couldn’t prove what was happening but caught Young in the act at Louis’. Not wanting to further inconvenience the poor lady he’d cornered, I held my tongue, instead sending Young an email later. His response was to threaten me. So that nothing is taken out of context, the full emails will be provided at the end of this chapter. They are also made more important by me having given them to Premier Helen Zille who will get her special place in the next book.

Louis’ was only one example of businesses feeling intimidated. My goodwill meant nothing. Louis’ later asked me to stay away. I may have been disappointed in the venue but did so for a year because it wasn’t fair that innocent people were being dragged into the DA’s dirty politics. But it also wasn’t fair that I had to suffer too. It’s like when three big guys start picking on someone small in a club, and the bouncer asks the victim to leave because he wants to stop the fight.

Nevertheless, Louis’ was one of my first stops when I was back in Knysna for a few days in 2018. The meals were as big as ever!

* * * * * *

The evil of Dr. Martin Young had innocuous beginning a few months before. I met him indirectly at a meeting wherein the DA were wanting to designate Public drinking areas. I was against it.

I’m not a prude. I enjoy social drinking and I don’t mind drinking alone. A couple of beers would sometimes burp an article out of me. I’ve illegally had drinks in Public spaces – it’s relaxing to have a sundowner somewhere pretty. But sneaking a drink isn’t alcoholism or destruction. It isn’t the same as getting wasted, smashing bottles and frightening families on a family outing. The law keeps us furtive and thus in check.

Alcoholism is a notable characteristic of Knysna (and the Western Cape). It’s particularly problematic in the poorer areas which have shebeens (illegal taverns) open all night. Drinking shifts up a gear on Saturday, reaching top speed on Sundays when the hospital treats the most associated injuries. Businesses complain about unproductive Mondays, when hangovers are so bad that, in order to function, some employees have been seen drinking regmaakers on their way to work. Drunk walking across the national road has killed the blurry and the innocent. The saddest consequence is Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) which occurs most amongst the coloured community. FAS falls under Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) for which South Africa has the highest rate in the world, and the Western Cape is the most offending province. It’s heart-rending meeting a dim-witted kid with odd appearance.

Instead of debate through merit, the intention to create Public drinking spaces become a racial topic. The DA was lashed online, mostly by the white middle class, who saw it as a cheap ploy to get more non-white votes. I did too. Although several black and coloured people I spoke to were against it, they were the quiet ones. Their politicians increased support by labelling opposers as “white racists”. Some were but not the majority.

Besides being unproductive, it demonstrated how Apartheid is encouraged by a minority to live forever. I’m not exaggerating. I have doubts whether South Africa will  get fixed. The optimist in me is bleeding to death. I need a fucking drink!

I posted a sign online saying: “Warning: Consumption of alcohol may make politicians forget about democracy and Public participation.”

But my fellow citizens were so loud that the DA were forced to hold meetings in all the wards. Peter Myers, leader of the DA via proxy, was my Ward 10 councillor and the main promoter of the intended policy. With one exception, everyone at that meeting stood against him.

The exception was Dr. Martin Young who seemed to be sucking up to Myers. The problem is that a very white Young was trying terribly to label other whites as racist without using the word. His approach was to pretend that he understood coloureds and we didn’t. It was farcical, especially considering, for example, that many mothers of all colours want their children safe in Public spaces. And one coloured municipal manager, Marlene Boyce, objected to me that Young was speaking, in essence, on her behalf.

Later that year, the DA had the terrible and hollow marketing idea of requesting an anti-racism pledge, as if a signature changes behaviour and makes liars honest and shitty people into sugar. Whereas most DA folk were wise enough to stay behind the scenes, Young proudly posted a photo of himself and the signed pledge on Facebook. He’s regularly wanting approval but not always understanding how best to get it. He crack-brained added: “What does it imply about those that refused to sign?”

I may have mixed feelings about Chris Gould, then the head of one of the ratepayers associations and firm supporter of Councillor Myers, but he hit the nail on the head with:

“For God’s sake Martin, have you lost it completely. This has got to be the most embarrassingly smug and self-righteous post I have seen this year. Don’t you understand how awful this looks? We all get it. You’re not a racist. Yay!!! Most of us don’t feel the need to sign a paper saying this. And then taking a photo of holding the paper. And then post said selfie on your Facebook page. And then, for God’s sake, crudely imply that anyone who hasn’t signed the pledge is a racist! Again, I ask you Martin, have you lost it completely?”

A better example of “imply” was after Young posted a photo of Fort Hare university which had gotten trashed during student riots. The first comment was by Stuart Lightley, a white subscriber:

“I haven’t used a word in 20 or more years but when I see this…”

Any South African would immediately pick up that what was meant was the worst word of all – “kaffir”. It’s the word that symbolises Apartheid more than anything else. It’s the pain and disgust of generations squeezed into six devilish letters stomped into one word. Implying it is the same as saying it. The second damnation is that Lightley admits he used to say it. The third is that 47-million blacks in the country were being labelled by the actions of a few. But his comment was allowed to stand, maybe because he was a regular support of Young. But maybe its just because Young isn’t like most of us, finds determining morality difficult, and makes decisions according to the retrieval of approval.

At that meeting about drinking, Young was unbelievable and a touch loony.

When people agreed with my position and criticism of the DA, Young was visibly upset, more than he should’ve been. I came to believe that’s because he’s a sociopath, that his ego’s desperate need for appreciation had been dented. Because he’s a wannabe version of Mark Allan is one reason I don’t call him a psychopath. Another is that he prefers the ‘sociopath’ description, even if it was to publicly diagnose me as such. I believe he’s self-aware, that his accusations against me are part deflection, part vindictive. To me, he is Dr. Sociopath.

As much as Mark Allan understood that sex was a weapon, so Young understood his doctor title could be used to abuse. They became a tag team of malpractice.

Just before the 2015 Christmas holiday season, it was announced that the majority of Knysna was against Public drinking areas. The DA lost. It was rumoured that Young was going to become a DA candidate. Like Allan, he made me his obsession.

* * * * * *

More claws, jaws and knives were after me between February and August 2016. February marked the submission of my evidence against the the DA to Parliament. That became known as the Love Knysna Petition. August 2016 was designated for the Local Government Elections.

The disinformation and intimidation campaign against me deepened. It was clear that those involved meant to destroy my credibility, undermine years of activism, and cloud issues in favour of the DA and their politicians who hoped to be re-elected or elected.

* * * * * *

The main social media sites against me were Knysna Knews, Protecting Brand Knysna and Wicked Knysna. The pages of Knysna Municipality, the Knysna-Plett Herald and several individuals were also utilised. Mark Allan had several smaller groups. Martin Young used Knysna Acoustics Complete Hearing Solutions, the outlet for his medical practice. On Twitter, there was an ugly parody of me called Angry Mike.

Protecting Brand Knysna (PBK) was a misnomer. It existed only to attack me. Proven administrators were Young and Allan. Little players supported them. As PBK came into existence immediately after Hampton Factor was closed by Facebook, it’s reasonable to conclude that Hampton Factor was theirs too.

Even though it was a play on my nickname, it seemed more honest when Protecting Brand Knysna (PBK) changed its name to Wicked Knysna. After a long fight, Facebook deleted that too.

Knysna Knews still exists. It masquerades as a news page. But all it’s ever done is share other people’s links. Up until I left Knysna, it’s rare original posts sought either to discredit me or support the DA. The administrators of that page were married couple Deputy Mayor Esme Edge and Advocate Julie Seton (who’d become a 2016 DA candidate). As Edge had divorced and remarried, changing her surname back to Jefferys was reasonable. But, depending on what role she was playing (which seemed more like scheming), Seton used Lopes and Jefferys too.

No hens have ever clucked as much for themselves as those two. These political wannabes aren’t criminal masterminds. Their selfish-minded villainy only remains unpunished because it’s been convenient for the power controlling the corrupt society that Knysna is. So, despite their efforts to discredit and jail me, I can’t think of them as anything more than the drunken hens of the DA. And I doubt Winston Churchill, if he’d had Facebook, would have posted as many wine jokes as Esme Jefferys. He would’ve been smarter to realise that it doesn’t hide the problem, it highlights it.

The hens tried to be anonymous behind Knysna Knews but I was informed after somebody overheard them, in the Knysna Municipality, bragging and laughing about their bitchiness. Their ownership of the page became well known amongst DA councillors – a shot at me was worth a laugh. Publicly, they refused to admit that they were the admins and none who’d spoken to me would go on record. But I found a different route.

Clues were DA photos including Edge more than any other, and that one odd post was for a missing cat – Edge is a cat fanatic. I was able to substantially reveal their identities after I compared the timestamps of Knysna Knews posts to those on their personal pages. That included Knysna Knews’ direct (rather than sharing) use of a personal photo taken by Edge.

Exposed, Seton tried damage control by lying they’d never acted secretly but even her ally, Allan, stated that I’d exposed her.

* * * * * *

Commenting, liking and sharing posts against me were DA councillors Peter Myers, Mark Willemse, Eleanore Spies and Louise Hart. Aspirant DA candidate Magda Moos was there too. There were factions within the DA but the only thing that seemed to unite them was their hatred of me.

There were shares to the DA’s official Knysna page, Willemse’s Ward 9 FB page, and the Knysna Business X Change FB page. The latter was a project of Allan and Dave Hendry, the ex-Chairman of the Knysna Business Chamber. Allan reckoned:

“Everything I have said, meticulously recorded by Hampton himself, is all true. And if anyone is interested in more details, I can refer them to the past CEO of the Knysna Chamber of Business, who will corroborate almost everything I have said.”

Frequent negative commentators had ties to the DA and Knysna Tourism.

Kevin Grinaker had been a Constituent and a Ward 10 Committee Member. Manon McDonald was the ex-Manager of the Municipality’s Electrical Department. Candace Myers was the wife of DA Councillor Peter Myers. Baden Hall was a friend of Shaun van Eck, and an ex-DJ for Knysna FM which had also supported Van Eck. Martin Hatchuel, a tourism writer, had been a business partner with Greg Vogt before Vogt replaced Van Eck. Hatchuel picked up work from Vogt and the Municipality. Ashley Barnes and Gustav Malan were copyrighters, and employees of Jam Factory and Magnetic Creative which scored work from the Municipality. Barnes became friends with Fran Kirsten who acted against me from the Municipality’s side. Others will be mentioned in passing.

Mark Beard, the wealthy owner of Autolink, was notably and keenly present. It was rumoured he was a donator to the DA.

Whether by realisation or the unconscious flow of inner foulness and cattiness, Mark Allan had gotten his wish for a gang of trolls.

Consistency and themes ensured the conspiracy was real. Observe the patterns of their online behaviour through the examples I provide.

* * * * * *

My brand was ‘Love Knysna’ so it’s notable that it was being tarnished by accusations of self-interest and local economic destruction.

Advocate Seton: “What has this Johnny come lately actually contributed to our town?”

Advocate Seton: “The person costing the ratepayers millions is Hampton.”

Deputy Mayor Edge: “And he cost us millions in tourism! While people are dying, his ego prevails.”

Advocate Seton: “In my opinion the damage he has done to brand Knysna single-handedly is horrendous.”

Knysna Knews: “…on he whim of an individual who has already cost this town hundreds of thousands of rands in wasted man hours, responding to vicious attacks, quite apart from the damage to brand Knysna together with the economic cost resulting from him.”

Mayor Wolmarans: “To date, his campaign has cost local ratepayers thousands…”

Baden Hall: “I have experienced first hand when selling my property that the potential buyer had second thoughts of purchasing in Knysna as direct result of the negative postings of this narcissistic twerp.”

Dr Young: “He damages Knysna’s brand considerably. That hurts everybody who lives here. Knysna Tourism gets R4 million a year to grow the brand – rates and tax money. Hampton destroys it for his own ends.”

Dr Young: “Hampton claims to love Knysna, but his five years of ‘activism’ have achieved little other than to divide our town and create an unhealthy atmosphere of suspicion that has already severely damaged the Knysna brand.”

Mark Allan: “Hampton you have given nothing. You take, you consume, you destroy.”

Candace Myers: “You are killing our town.”

Dr Young: “He damages Knysna’s brand, not to the average visitor as much as to the serious investor in our future – new businesses, factories etc.”

Knysna Knews: “We certainly do not endorse the actions of Hampton which have so damaged our town”.

Dr Young: “Hampton’s posts can cause ten times a negative effect, at a minute fraction of the cost, of the money and effort invested into Knysna Tourism – your money… Knysna’s brand is damaged every time Hampton opens his mouth in his obsession against council, and you and I pay the price…. Hampton’s negative publicity for Knysna will make fewer people come here on holiday, buy properties, retire here, invest in new businesses here, have their families visit here, have restaurant meals here, buy locally manufactured goods, and will cost jobs. This is exactly the opposite of what he claims to desire for Knysna…”

Councillor Myers: “The question is does Knysna deserve to have its reputation tarnished and have potential investors discouraged because of these unsubstantiated and often irrational allegations involving a huge conspiracy to cover up claims of corruption and maladministration. Even if one job opportunity has been forgone, as a result of a potential investigator turning away from investing in Knysna because of Hampton’s unsubstantiated and irrational rantings – it was a job that was badly needed by someone in Knysna. Hampton may be able to live with that – but those of us who truly love Knysna cannot.”

Knysna Knews: “Mike, stop damaging the town you pretend to love…”

Dr Young: “Mike Hampton’ does not really ‘love’ Knysna.”

Councillor Myers: “Love Knysna’ – by the way what a joke – he should actually call it Hate Knysna”

Angie Manser: “He also has an FB page called Love Knysna, but there is no love there, more like Hate Knysna.”

Candace Myers: “You are definitely not helping anyone but yourself.”

Mark Beard: “He has zero scruples.”

Councillor Myers: “It is now reasonable to conclude that the only reason that you continue with your allegations against the Knysna Municipality is to benefit from it commercially by generating more traffic to your site.”

Advocate Seton: “He is paying to boost his posts to destroy our town. please do not for one second think that he loves Knysna. The only reason he achieves 20,000 views is because he is using uninformed donors’ money to pay to boost his posts, it is damaging our town to the extent we are losing massive investment and there is nothing amiss. I love the hashtag #hamptonmustfall.”

Candace Myers: “This must end #hamptonmustfall.”

Knysna Knews: “Mike has single-handedly destroyed brand Knysna and takes pride in it so he is destroying economic development and jobs. Stop supporting him if you love Knysna. Mike is bad #hamptonmustfall.”

Knysna Knews: “…anything but good mike has single-handedly destroyed brand Knysna and takes pride in it so he is destroying economic development and jobs. Mike is disastrous stop supporting him if you really love Knysna. Mike is bad #hamptonmustfall.”

* * * * * *

To demonise me, the DA had to create fear amongst their influential white electorate. That could only work if I was part of a hidden agenda rather than a corruption fighter. Consequently, the second theme implied I worked for a third force or the ANC.

Councillor Myers: “It’s not so surprising that in an election year, an ANC controlled body [Parliament] would accept a petition that is mostly misleading or untrue regarding a DA controlled municipality. This is called politics.”

Dr Young: “As a person who admits to being unemployed, I wonder who in fact Hampton works for…”

Dr Young: “You are the one ducking all the questions about whose agenda you are serving.”

Mark Allan: “Who is paying your bills Hampton? You have been unemployed for five years. If you are clean, lay it out for everyone to see. But my bet is that you get cash payments for which you sign little chits, that no auditor will ever see.”

Mark Allan: “When it comes to disinformation, he is a natural. Took to it like a duck to water. I have no doubt he (Hampton) is being used and it would not surprise me if he has an expense account.”

Mark Allan: “I object to parasites that believe they are owed a living, dipping into the public purse. Hampton has been unemployed for five years. Where is he getting the money he needs to drive the disinformation campaign that he has run over that time?”

Mark Allan: “Hampton, you are a natural but left to your own devices a rank amateur. Has your handler abandoned you. A compromised asset?”

Wicked Knysna: “And one of the questions you won’t answer is if you are being paid, or if it is just spite driving you to do whatever you can, to destabilise local government in the Western Cape?”

* * * * * *

The third theme was to continually pretend that my accusations were baseless. Of course, that required them to blatantly and repeatedly ignore the evidence I’d provided. Check out this one crazy example of a Facebook attack (and understand how much time it takes to fight a gang of trolls).

Knysna Knews were dismissive regarding the hearings that a committee of Parliament had called regarding my petition:

“Having read the submission, [Hampton] focuses on Knysna Tourism which has been dealt with exhaustively, and there is quite simply nothing amiss. Unlike Hampton, we don’t intend to endlessly bore people by reiterating statements previously made… The ISDF issue has been investigated, found not to be lacking… The appointment of the municipal manager has been dealt with and [Hampton] then makes a bunch of baseless and unfounded allegations imputing impropriety. Apparently, Hampton’s understanding of municipal finances and affairs is superior to that of the auditor general…”

The ‘joke’ was on them. That petition process has been ongoing for years but, through other means, Knysna Tourism’s funding and the ISDF tender were found to be illegal, and Municipal Manager Grant Easton quit during his disciplinary proceedings. Knysna Knews and Mark Allan were voracious supporters of Easton until that moment. Unsurprisingly, in conflict of interest, Seton had acted as Easton’s advocate.

Commentators had, on several occasions, made it clear that the anonymous posts by Knysna Knews were unacceptable. Imagine if it had been known then that Edge and Seton were travelling to that hearing they were defacing. That would have added context to Knysna Knews preposterously adding:

“So the whole parliamentary hearing hoo ha is certainly not proof positive of anything amiss… Reading the submission, it would appear [Hampton] wanted the deputy mayor invited simply to ask a question about her personal life. This certainly has nothing to do with municipal maladministration and has everything to do with Hampton’s vendetta. Utilising parliament to further one’s own ends ostensibly in the name of our town simply cannot be condoned… So, let’s think twice about who should be facing the music… Viva Knysna #hamptonmustfall.”

* * * * * *

The fourth theme was mental disorder. Young and Knysna Knews promoted that I suffered from a “narcissistic personality disorder”. As they became more confident in their attack, they devolved that into sociopathy.

Dr Young’s response to a woman posting a positive comment about me was to compare me to a murderer: “Your image of him as a hero is fantasy, much as there are many women who still support Oscar Pretorius and think he is an innocent victim. It’s inexplicable to me.”

Dr Young: “As a medical doctor I know a parasite when I see one.”

Mark Allan: “As described by Martin Young, he is a parasite.”

Dr Young: “I think you’re backing one very disturbed individual here.”

Dr Young: “My call to all who truly care about Knysna is to see this man for what he really represents i.e. an unbalanced individual with a cyberstalking habit who does not earn his own living, lives off handouts, yet has not achieved anything other than to make the lives of those who do make an effort within council more difficult, as well as damage all of our prospects. I believe I know what drives him, and my medical experience tells me that it is a condition of character that is itself usually denied by those who possess it most.”

Tracy Clifford Statt: “I heard a psychologist discussing the Narcissistic C: Personality Disorder… I think we may be observing one publicly.” Young responded with: “I have had that diagnosis in mind for a very long time…”

John Kew, a fake profile, commented on Martin Young’s FB: “He daily hang out at a local pub. Punching, begging drinks off old pensioners. He was banned from a local pub for this already. He need help. Medical. Any head doctors willing to sponsor.”

Knysna Knews: “The man in our opinion needs either institutionalisation or incarceration.”

Baden Hall: “Campbell and Hampton deserve each other. I’m sure that there’s communal facilities at Weskoppies.” The latter facility is well known as a centre for the evaluation of prisoners with possible mental disorders.

Dr Young: “His traits are more like those of a cyberstalker than of an activist.”

Knysna Knews: “One has to ask the question how does a person who probably requires psychological help ends up with such a following that the Sunday Times, not even a Iqbal Survé newspaper, actually quotes him.”

Baden Hall: “This village idiot maliciously attacks people… This village idiot… this cretin survives on donations from other village idiots.”

Mark Beard: “Why can’t I see the village idiot’s posts on this page.”

Dr Oliver Mark Dakers: “He fits somewhere between the covers of DSM-5. As they say, nothing here, just move on”. DSM-5 is the ‘Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders’. Dakers became one of 3 doctors who supported the DA to write against me. I don’t consider that coincidental.

* * * * * *

Through his personal Facebook, Dr Young officially announced his DA candidacy on 20 February 2016. 3 days later, he abused his doctor title by sharing it to his medical page. He, the aggressor, pretended to be the victim. Here’s an extract:

“I have applied for consideration to stand for election as a PR councillor in the next local elections under the DA banner… Success, even if nominated, depends ultimately ion you, the voting public in the local elections in August this year.

There are, however, two major obstacles in the way.

The first obstacle is that my relatively easy life at present, with lots of time for my own interests, will come to an end should I be successful in my political ambitions. But I am more than ready for that at a critical time in our country’s history…

The second inevitable obstacle, and my main reason for writing this post, is the person of Mr. Mike Hampton, serial blogger and owner of the Love Knysna and Knysna Keep Facebook and blog pages. I have already been targeted by him over my declared intentions. Please allow me to deal with him in some detail here, using the same media that he does.

Unlike Hampton’s habit, I will base my argument on a factual analysis of his

670,000 words of blog postings and his replies to criticism on Facebook from local residents, councillors who have been extraordinarily patient with him, and myself… I hope that you will come to your own conclusions about why Hampton pursues his agenda against local government despite years of appropriate response that have found his allegations to have no substance.

Hampton claims to love Knysna but his five years of ‘activism’ have achieved little other than to divide our town and create an unhealthy atmosphere of suspicion that has already severely damaged the Knysna brand… The council and municipality, prime targets of Hampton, in the eyes of the reading public, ARE Knysna. They are inextricably linked… every time Hampton opens his mouth in his obsession against the council, you and I pay the price… allegations of corruption, especially when unfounded, are more than damaging. They are crippling…

Every item on Hampton’s copious charge sheet has been addressed at many levels… and no corruption has ever been found… his questions have gone beyond those of a reasonable activist, and have taken on characteristics more like those of a cyber stalker. What may have been reasonable questions five years ago have taken on a more sinister nature… ‘Cyberstalking is the use of the internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, a group, or an organisation. It may include false accusations, defamation, slander and libel…’

Hampton’s activism has already seen several successful court judgements against him, none of which appears ro lessen his desire to continue in his harassment. The judgements against him are not for political deterrence by a corrupt judiciary as he claims…

We find ourselves living in a town 22 years after true democracy started, yet where time traveller visiting us from 1994 would see little change… There are very tough decisions that will have to be made as to what it should cost us ratepayers to live here, and where resources will go towards challenging the inequality that so tears up our country…. Hampton’s incessant and untested accusations via social media create an atmosphere of mistrust which will hamper any good council initiatives to make a substantial difference to Knysna that moves all its residents towards equality…

Hampton has never been elected nor appointed by Knysna residents into a role as ‘activist’. The support and encouragement he gets from some Knysna residents have the effect of closing down open and transparent communicative government.  Councillors under unwarranted, persistent and malicious attack are not going to be allowed to deliver their best. It is humanly impossible when one is being cyberstalked…

My call is to all who truly care about Knysna is to see this man for what he really represents i.e. an unbalanced individual with cyberstalking habits… My medical experience tells me that it is a condition of character that is itself usually denied by those who possess it most. I cannot say more than that for ethical reasons….

I am prepared to put the words of Gandhi into effect – “Be the change you want to see in the world” and will be happy to serve ALL residents of Knysna both in their ENT related medical needs and as a PR counsellor…

If not elected, I will remain committed, unlike Mr. Hampton… under the only party I believe has the ability to move our town and country forward as a truly multi-racial democracy.

Ultimately. The person who really gets to decide what happens to Knysna, and what Hampton or I should be allowed to do or not do, or to get away with, is you the resident. Your opinion does count, and can be heard here and elsewhere.

We cannot, as Knysna residents, allow the festering boil that is Hampton’s ineffectual and highly damaging ‘activism’ to continue. It costs you and I more than we realise.

I’m taking a firm, unequivocal stand, and I invite you to join me.”

I hope you’re laughing at Young’s reverse psychology, that criticism of politicians is criticism of the people of Knysna, and that citizens are allowed opinions so long as they aren’t in support of me. And if I’m not stopped, I’ll be responsible for the continuation of Apartheid and the inability of local government to operate. And…

To overcome the awkward evidence I’d presented, Young didn’t mention what it was. Instead, he dismissed it, pretending it had been assessed and found to have no value. He later contradicts himself by saying that my accusations are “untested”.

Young’s statement was supported by white folk. It was like a Catholic communion wherein everyone drank the blood of Young and ate of the body of the DA. Overall, to give him credit, it was a fine piece of propaganda… timed with Knysna Knews’ posts against me and Parliament. Expectedly, they supported each other’s posts, with comments and shares, as did most of the those I’ve named and more.

Young’s pretence at doctor’s ethics was theatre. On Knysna Knews, four days earlier, he’d associated me with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Knysna Knews (a.k.a Adv Julie Seton and Deputy Mayor Edge) took his queue, turning it into a post. My counter comment, a link to my first submission to Parliament, was ignored.

I don’t consider it coincidental that on 25 February, the Knysna-Plett Herald published two letters against me by members of the medical profession. Another full-blown campaign was running against me.

The first letter was ‘Hampton does not love Knysna – here is why’. Composed by Young, it ran over the newspapers word limit. The same had been allowed the year before when Speaker Eleanore Spies wrote against me.

The second letter, entitled ‘No constructive engagement from Hampton’ was composed by Doctor Douglas Seton. If you raised your eyebrows at that name, your suspicion is correct. He’s the brother of Advocate Julie Seton.

All three doctors failed to mention the corruption involved which was impossible unless intentionally nefarious. Their goal was to character assassinate me whilst seeming reasonable. The ‘credible’ voices of the community had spoken.

Young wasn’t interested in fighting corruption, creating jobs or saving the environment. He ran his campaign on the promise to remove a citizen obstacle called ‘Mike Hampton’. I can’t recall any politician having done something similar. His tactic may have inserted us into South Africa’s history books. If so, it was one foot forward for sociopathy and a giant leap backwards for the self-proclaimed morality of the DA.

* * * * * *

Early March 2016, the Protecting Brand Knysna (PBK) crew appeared to have reported my personal profile as a fake identity. They also reported many of my Love Knysna posts as defamatory etc. (no matter the topic).

Enough complaints are more important than motivation or merit because Facebook seemed to practice a guilty until proven innocent policy. The result is that my personal profile was taken offline. That automatically deleted the associated Love Knysna page.

There was rejoicing on PBK. The benefit to me is that it further showed the Public how suppressive the DA was.

Uncharacteristically, Facebook was responsive to me within 24hrs, republishing my profile and page.

* * * * * *

This chapter started with quotes of Young threatening me. It’s obvious that he already felt so secure with the DA that he was willing to go on record. Here are the full emails, mine in italics:

From: Mike Hampton
To: Dr Martin Young
Sent: 24 March 2016 10:15
Subject: Attention Martin Young: stop your unfounded defamation campaign

This a request for you to:

  1. Stop approaching businesses in an attempt to get them to join you in your crusade against me.
  2. To delete all threads referring to me on your Facebook pages. That would include shutting down Hampton Factor and Protecting Brand Knysna. I don’t have to pick and choose because they are all geared towards discrediting me, often with the most hateful and insulting speech.

If you want to serve Knysna, you should do so through good example, not a campaign based on your hate.


From: Dr Martin Young
To: Mike Hampton

Attention Hampton

I am an activist. I do what is necessary for our town.

I have discovered your weaknesses and what drives you. I will not stop until your sick campaign against Knysna’s people comes to an end.

You will be surprised to know how many businesses want you gone from Knysna. We will be tapping into that desire to fund the legal costs of countering any challenge you bring.

You will do jail time in this town. It’s not a threat, just a statement of fact, based on your own actions. And you will have no one else to blame but yourself.

I, unlike you, have 17 years of being a good example in serving this town, with an emphatic record.

You have been a dismal failure in doing anything concrete for Knysna.

I feel sorry for you, because I know that you cannot see it in yourself.

So bring it on, bully boy. Help me teach you a lesson. I’ve faced far bigger and scarier adversaries than you and have yet to lose.


From: Mike Hampton
To: Dr Martin Young

You said, “Surprise, surprise, just the man I’m talking about,” when I walked into Louis’ restaurant at 11.40am today. Considering my earlier email, the timing would be comical if the matter weren’t so serious.

Before you noticed me, I’d been standing behind you, listening to you defame me, asking the poor bar lady to get the business to stand against me, along with the other businesses you had already collected to do so.

To your credit, you never tried to lie about what you were doing. It would have been disingenuous if you had as it correlates with your actions on the grossly misnamed Protecting Brand Knysna.

It would be a sad indictment if the DA accepted your application.


From: Dr Martin Young
To: Mike Hampton

Oh they’ll come around, believe me. I’m betting money and business survival comes long before any sense of friendship you can offer them. They just need to understand what drives you to do what you do, and what it costs them. The moment it is out there that Louis’ Steakhouse supports you and enables you there is bound to be a consequence to their business. It’s not the kind of negative image a business wants in Knysna.

I have no need to lie anywhere or under any situation and certainly will not start now.

PBK [Protecting Brand Knysna] will continue and will have a strong influence on making your life harder, by giving fair comment on your activities, and allowing debate where you allow none.

So it is going to get much harder for you to do what you do here. And you make a big mistake if you think it is only me – the number of activists dedicated to seeing you stop your nonsense is growing by the week.

As for your views on my capabilities and the DA I don’t care the slightest bit what you think. I’m determined that you will be a spent force if and by the time I get to serve this town in another capacity. Notice is served.


From: Dr Martin Young
To: Mike Hampton


Get one of these or equivalent and perhaps I’ll reconsider your value to this town.

[he attached a certificate of service that he received from Knysna Rotary Club]


From: Mike Hampton
To: Dr Martin Young

I already know that you’re arrogant. You don’t need to prove it to me.

What i need if for you to be fair and decent person of reason.


From: Dr Martin Young
To: Mike Hampton

I request you to stop abusing Knysna’s democratically elected leaders on your Facebook page and on your websites. Your efforts have shown no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing and have severely damaged Knysna’s image at ongoing considerable financial cost to the town.

There is enough evidence of your non compliance with the court orders against you in three cases to see you do jail time.

I am prepared to make an effort to see that this does not happen on five conditions.

You permanently delete your website Knysna Keep and all its online records

You permanently delete your Facebook page Love Knysna

You end your senseless and wasteful campaign against elected Knysna leaders and suitably appointed Knysna officials

Any future web presence you decide to have never includes Knysna by name in the title and is open to public comment and interaction

You agree to have counseling for Narcissistic Personality Disorder – we will make an effort to see that the costs thereof are covered by interested individuals.

You have 72 hours to comply with the first two requests, failing which my team’s efforts to see you imprisoned as soon as possible will intensify.

We have other plans to achieve the first two points with you doing jail time but hope and trust you will see the value in seizing this opportunity while you still can.

Yours sincerely

Martin Young


From: Mike Hampton
To: Dr Martin Young

You do not own brand “Knysna”.

You do not represent Knysna.

You do not represent anyone I’ve been in court with.

Threatening me with jail is heinous and reprehensible.

You have never presented any information to counter any of my articles, in particular my submission to Parliament. You talk and type a lot but without substance.

You practice as a medical doctor, not a psychiatrist. You have never had a conversation with me let alone an assessment.

What kind of doctor are you if you don’t believe in the doctor’s motto of “do no harm”? What kind of doctor would use their medical page to attack me? What kind of doctor would seek to damage my charitable work; my kids project and the free advertising I give local businesses?

Not a healthy one.

Your cyberstalking campaign is unfounded and disgusting. You, Mark Allan and Martin Hatchuel seem to be nasty peas in a dirty pod, destructive for the sake of self-interest and political interest – facts are absent, your lies abound.

It’s worrying that you’re friends with DA politicians. It’s even more worrying that the DA hasn’t stopped you and your conspirators (not a warm “team” at all) from staining their image. That you’ve applied to be a leader of our town is disturbing on a much darker level.

The only positive is that your actions are revealing who you are. Online, you and your “team” are damaging the public’s opinion of you. Mark Allan doesn’t care; he takes joy in it no matter which way he goes. But you, Martin Hatchuel, Mark Beard, Angie Manser, Ashley Barnes and Gustav Malan live here. Due to pending cases, I leave out the names of our politicians who should be included too. But all of you are ensuring that the public will never look at you the same way again.

Regards your crusade to have businesses attack me, you’re illogically approaching them blindly, failing to realise that I’ve been a patron of some and have given many free advertising for over 6 years. You have no relationship with some of the businesses you’re trying to get to join your crusade against me. They call me and tell me about the nutty guy who spoke badly about me. That you put them in a uncomfortable position makes them most uncomfortable with you, not me.

Mark my words, your “Consequences – Just Ahead” sign on Twitter will prove prophetic, not for me but for you and your team of cyberstalkers.

Stop being an obsessive bully.


…way up the pros and cons. Be rational. Consider my words and your actions instead of just reacting. Share this with your cohorts. Act together, removing all posts against me, refusing to participate negatively on Knysna Knews or the DA’s FB pages, deleting Hampton Factor, deleting Protecting Brand Knysna, deleting AngryMikeH. Then each issue a brief but sincere public apology.

If you can’t do that for our town then at least do it for self-interest.

I will re-post the apologies once and, if you all do so, I’ll write a collective article to bring this matter to a close. Thereafter, I won’t mention you again. You won’t mention me again. If we unfortunately find ourselves caught up in court cases of others, we address it minimalistically, with simple facts and no emotion. Overall, we don’t seek conflict.

If we do, it will make Knysna less messy, more able to focus on issues instead of personalities gone wild. Our town needs less ego, gossip and negative entertainment. It needs more focus on construction and working together as our tough times likely get tougher.


From: Dr Martin Young
To: Mike Hampton

Thanks but no thanks.

Well then, jail is more than likely your next Knysna destination.

You need it. You deserve it. And you’ve earned it. Consequences!!!!

I am not practicing as a doctor in this instance, but as an activist who truly loves this town.

As for your diagnosis it is clearly apparent by your actions and writings. No consultation required.

We will see who is still active and happy in Knysna after this is over. That is all I have to say to you.

[unfortunately, his last sentence wasn’t true]


From: Dr Martin Young
To: Mike Hampton

I was wrong.

I do have something more to say to you.

You seem not to realize that you are in no position to negotiate. I’m surprised you even tried. We hold all the cards, and have all the power to make your life really and truly miserable. I am more determined and more persistent than anyone you have ever opened your mouth against. I remind you that you started this.

I think that you should reconsider my offer. You have less than 48 hours to do so.


From: Mike Hampton
To: Dr Martin Young

It is unfortunate that you always have more to say.

Do you have a messiah complex or are you able to define who “we” is?

You’re twisting words again. There was no “negotiation”. I offered you a solution and you rejected it. We know where we stand.

As for your 48hr ultimatum, exactly what is supposed to happen at Monday at 8.31pm? Does your threat extend beyond the comfort of your armchair nastiness and political ambitions?


From: Dr Martin Young
To: Mike Hampton

The warrants of arrest are already issued Mike. We will choose exactly when to use them.

Any time, any place, you have no idea.


From: Mike Hampton
To: Dr Martin Young

You failing to answer the questions = zero credibility.


From: Dr Martin Young
To: Mike Hampton

Oh alright then.

‘We’ are an open consortium of all the people in Knysna you have ever dared to attack, now come together to make sure you pay handsomely for your activities. You’ve never known when to stop, nor when is enough.

In addition are wealthy businessmen and women who see the damage you are doing and are prepared to pay to see it stopped.

No names. You’ll probably never know.

Feel better now?


From: Mike Hampton
To: Dr Martin Young

At the very least, you’ve made it clear that it’s a conspiracy of nonsense and cowardice.


From: Dr Martin Young
To: Mike Hampton

It’s very serious. No nonsense to it.

You’ve no one to blame but yourself.

* * * * * *

Noam Chomsky drank from the fountain of understanding when he said, “Propaganda is to democracy what violence is to dictatorship.”

The DA slogans of anti-corruption, clean governance, accountability and transparency are lies. They’re propaganda marketing, repeated and repeated and repeated until the Public sucks them in like snot from a nose.

Jacob Zuma’s version of the ANC was labelled as cancer. The DA pretended to be the cure. But after Cyril Ramaphosa succeeded him as President, the DA’s fingers of accusation involuntarily bent backwards to point at themselves. They’re no different to any major political party in the world, incestuous and cruel.

Politics is about power for self-interest and, often, outside interests. If you dare jeopardise its position and money, it’ll seek to destroy you like it did me.

* * * * * *

I reported Young to the DA. That included a face to face meeting with Premier Helen Zille. Their response was to make Young a councillor. No one voted for him. The DA made him one of their proportional representatives. The only logical explanation is that he was rewarded for doing their dirty work.

Now for their fifth theme, paedophilia.

Next: ‘Chapter 9 – Kiddiefucker’

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MEC Alan Winde and Dr Martin Young at DA conference (23 September 2017)

MEC Alan Winde and Dr Martin Young at DA conference (23 September 2017)

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