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“When one person makes an accusation, check to be sure he himself is not the guilty one.”Piers Anthony

“Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.”Noam Chomsky

The Democratic Alliance (DA) repeatedly took me to court and threatened me with jail. I was falsely tarred as a paedophile, a sociopath, working for the ANC and a destroyer of the town I loved. That first despicable description associated me with a nine-year old girl who went missing in 2014.

It was obvious that the DA’s propaganda wanted to discredit my charity work with disadvantaged kids. It was entirely perverted but politically logical. They needed me to be a monster, not a citizen helping my community. The nicest thing in my life was helping children. That some people respected me for it never fit into the demon the DA were attempting to portray me as. I went from child helper to child abuser with fake social media comments and a small town’s rumour mill.

I could write a book on the intimidation alone but the bigger corruption context is more important. This ‘kiddiefucker’s’ anger is going to have to settle for a chapter whilst remembering author Carroll Bryant’s infamous tweet, “I would rather vote for a paedophile over a democrat.”

Throughout, I want you to ask yourself what you would have done if you were me?

* * * * * *

My community activism wasn’t only politics. Love Knysna was a major project of mine. I blogged a quarter million words to inform tourists and locals about “the prettiest town in South Africa”. It may not be a megalith but at least it gave Knysna 330,000 views it would otherwise have never had. When you visit the website, I’m sure you’ll recognise the effort.

Love Knysna Projects was the natural extension. There were challenges but my memory sums it up as a three-year joy. I got to see the better side of adults and, together, we made kids happier. The focus had mostly been on the Rastafari community but had expanded to Hornlee, another area of Knysna.

I undertook separate projects such as making the website for the Judah Square (130,000 views). On rare occasion, I asked for donations for school clothes etc. But the focus was on the educational, pleasure trips which were all documented with photos on the website. My website description showed how simple it was:

“’You will never stand taller than when you kneel to help a child’ is a grand quote of sacrifice and community that we should all live by. However, when you become a volunteer at Love Knysna Projects, your only goal in kneeling is so that you can see children smile… and they can see you do the same. Volunteering has never been easier. We don’t expect money donations, just your time and positive attitude. The goal is to have fun whilst taking children on excursions to beautiful places in Knysna. These trips range from beach picnics and hikes to visiting major tourist attractions.”

I’d organise free entry to where we wanted to go. Most venues wanted to participate. The majority of the time, all a volunteer needed was a car, seatbelts, sandwiches and fruit. It was reciprocal education for those white volunteers who’d never experienced the townships.

Townships are the legacy of apartheid, places of economic or voluntary culture association. As Brenton-on-Sea and the East Head was overwhelmingly white, so Hornlee was coloured, and Concordia and Khayalethu black. People divided by colour remains far too common in South Africa.

The trips were even better when volunteers brought their offspring with because kids playing together can become adults playing together. Kids are where our better future begins. It’s said often enough but more people need to give it meaning through action.

We enjoyed the places we visited, from stunning beaches and the forest to Birds of Eden and the Elephant Park. We visited the seahorses at SANPARKs and organised lectures for the Sustainable Sea Trusts which which went on to establish Knysna as a Hope Spot. I’ll never forget the excitement of those sitting in a restaurant for the first time. Can you imagine being fifteen-years-old and having never experienced that? On another occasion, a girl was so excited at the concept of sugar sachets that I held my tongue as she put seven of them into her cup of tea.

Occasionally, some were singled out for extra treat.

There was a birthday party for a girl who was about to go for another operation for her bow-leggedness.

Girls who undertook a community census for me got pampered at the famous Pezula Spa. They described it as the highlight of their lives. It’s dismaying how people can see something on TV, dream about it, but think that they’ll never have it. From township to 5-star luxury was a big jump. It showed them that the world was within their reach. We have to teach possibility. Mind jumping requires practice like almost everything else.

But the obvious good of Love Knysna Projects only motivated the propagandists to discredit me more. I found it harder to organise volunteers. Some became unavailable and others didn’t turn up on the day in need. Increasingly frustrated, I suspended the project.

It made sense for me to focus 100% on the corruption, defeat it, and then return to make the project bigger. That I still haven’t won the war made the children the biggest losers. Unfortunately, Knysna’s politicians care more about greed than they do about children. I can generalise because none (from all the parties) stood against what happened (and is still happening).

* * * * * *

I was approached by Hornlee residents to help Essie, a teen orphan who wanted to return to school. With assistance from my Facebook subscribers, she gained food, school clothes and stationery.

That positivity was reinterpreted by DA Councillor Peter Myers on his Facebook as:

 “[Hampton’s] recent appeal for a child in need may also be a scam – a way to enrich himself.”

That he said it at a time his colleagues were implying I was a danger to children was calculated. It was a continuation of the child abuse theme. Unsurprisingly, they were involved in his comment section. Remember that he was the Chairperson of the DA Constituency. He was the ultimate local authority allowing the dirtiness against me. I was having a difficult time with the fact that Susan Campbell, who I’d seen as an ally, was his biggest supporter. She was always excusing him, making him another Jesus walking on the water without getting hit by a boat. I don’t believe that he’d have survived so long in the political arena without her dedication to him.

When Warren Fleming, a well known citizen and photographer, criticised Myers, he was attacked by regular protagonists Advocate Julie Seton, Dr. Martin Young and Candace Myers. None bothered to question Peter Myers for his awful, unsubstantiated statement. The goal, as always, was only to hurt me.

Mark Allan commented that “[Hampton] is befriending yet another teenage girl and using it to promote himself as the concerned and conscientious member of the community. This is so wrong.”  His comment was liked by Esme Edge.

The same week, Edge asked the Knysna-Plett Herald newspaper to investigate me for child abuse. She provided no proof because there wasn’t any. Being a member of a gang had made her drunk with power.

The editor, Ingrid Erlank, was aware of the propaganda I was forced to deal with. She found Edge so outrageous that she gave me a call in which we found ourselves in disagreement. I saw it as an opportunity. I wanted Erlank to write the story which I knew would clear me and make the DA look bad. Erlank chose to be human being and a mother rather than a journalist. She refused, saying that it would only damage me because some people don’t remember the facts, just the claim.

Her choice would prove unhelpful because I’d only face more accusations from the same shitty people. And when Erlank was forced out of the newspaper for questioning the municipality on other matters, her replacement was happy to allow horrid lies to stand against me on their websites.

No matter our contrasting positions, I believe, wholeheartedly, that Erlank made a decision that was moral to her. And, if it wasn’t for her, I’d never having been able to directly tie Edge to the putrid kiddie mess.

* * * * * *

Mark Allan went further, trying to wildly cast suspicion on me for two crimes I had no association with. The first was a murder, about a 100km away, over a mountain pass. He eventually let that go but stuck with Liyema Beleni, a child feared dead after she’d gone missing from Knysna. He never directly stated that I’d kidnapped her but the implication was there. As obtuse was him trying to twist the meaning of a poetic line I’d posted with a weather report.

I’ve quoted many bad things my cyberstalking propagandists have said but they are only examples. They don’t reflect the quantity I faced, that repetition was a means of enforcing the lies. If I provided all, this book would’ve taken longer to deliver and become unbearably boring. However, I want you to follow the link to a strong sample on this topic. Here are snippets from several comments Allan made:

“Unhealthy obsession? Let me explain unhealthy to you. Two days before the Knysna-Plett Herald reported Liyema Baleni missing, Hampton made a very odd post on the Love Knysna page. He then carried that article as well as another about a local gangster’s body being found in a burnt out car on the Prince Alfred pass road. What I have been wanting to ask him for so long, is why I couldn’t find those posts when I went to look a them a few days later.

The first one worried me. It was out of place, it was odd. ‘I’ve made love to darkness, made reality disappear, kissed fantasy so light would reappear’. The timing was odd. The fact that all three disappeared at the same time, was odd. Was there a connection?…

Because the questions I am asking also involve a young girl. But this one disappeared. Just like the posts on his blog. Did he explain why?…

What is your dark side, Mike Hampton? Would you not care to explain how you ‘made love to darkness’? And more importantly why that post dropped off your page?… It was odd at the time and got odder still… Being one of his most attentive followers, bells started ringing… The first one worried me. It was out of place, it was odd. The timing was odd. The fact that all three disappeared at the same time, was odder still. Was there a connection? This is the question he does not want to answer.

And here are a few questions for you. Has Liyema Baleni been found? Do we, ‘the community’ know what happened? If she hasn’t been found may I suggest you ask Hampton whether he deleted those posts from the Love Knysna page and more importantly why….

Liyema Baleni existed, the question is whether she still does and whether you are concerned or not. That is something that has really bothered me for close on two years now. But what bothers me even more is that the “Knysna community” for one reason or another does not feel comfortable with the questions they should be asking. Why?…

I am talking about a nine year old child. You talk about black poenanie. What the hell has racism to do with the fact that three posts were removed from Hampton’s Facebook page and the communities responsibility to keep their children safe?

Trying to ignore the fact that someone committed a premeditated murder while you stood idly by. Trying to ignore the fact that little nine year old girl is still missing. What was the story no one wants to tell. Why did Hampton remove those three posts? Who is he trying to protect?”

Thinking that what Allan was saying originated from insanity would be reasonable but wrong. Allan was mostly calculating. He understood propaganda.

I couldn’t find the screenshot but Allan had elsewhere referred to me as being ashamed of having had “black poenanie” i.e. “black vagina”.  Worse than the crude racism is that he was implying I’d raped that poor, missing girl.

Young, on his page, had previously allowed Allan to associate me with the girl. When Allan, seemingly in a rage of frustration, brought her up again, Young must have realised his ally had overstepped the line into Public disapproval. Young  pretended moderation yet blamed me at the same time:

“Mark, your anger and obvious hatred of the man is sometimes overwhelming. I understand it but don’t want to become as consumed by it as I think you have been. I think that’s what others have tried to convey here. It’s just another example of ‘brand Hampton’ and the damage it causes. You have always offered your support to me and I appreciate it greatly.”

Baden Hall somehow saw it as an opportunity to insult me as a beggar.

On Knysna Knews, Edge and Seton had also allowed many outrageous and defamatory comments by Allan against me. So did the Knysna Municipality and Knysna-Plett Herald. Both would be so complicit as to allow the defamation against me to stand whilst sometimes deleting my response.

Allan commented on the removal of some of his posts by Facebook with:

“[Hampton] went back two years and diligently reported most of the comments I have made about the Liyema Baleni posts he made. Facebook considered them to be a little too close to the bone and has deleted them.”

* * * * * *

The more I refused to give up my pursuit of bringing the DA to justice, so the  propaganda escalated. Anything I posted, no matter the topic, could be hijacked. When I made a post about Suicide Prevention Day, Young reposted it, insulting me and stating that citizens never had the right to question councillors:

“This, honourable people of Knysna, is why you do not want this man irrationally challenging local government, taking vulnerable underprivileged kids on trips, soliciting handouts, pretending to represent YOU!! It is a ridiculous claim that he makes. Your representatives on council have undergone arduous selection processes AND the electoral voting process to get into the positions they are. And he challenges them?? Where is his mandate to do so?”

Another example was my being transparent in asking my subscribers to ask me questions. I’d done so before, willing to answer anything, personal or political. I believe in walking the talk. Young and Allan’s PBK deliberately mistranslated that into:

“He wants you to ask him the questions he won’t answer. Ask him about his dark side. Ask him how he associates his nasty rhyme with Brand Knysna. He has gone to an awful amount of trouble laying it all out for us to see in the [Knysna] Keep. One million words and counting. All you have to do is ask the right question.”

Below that, PBK made the first comment:

“Ask him about his unnatural ‘interest’ in children – especially boys! Thnk I’m fabricating this… think again. I have first hand proof of this is my own home.”

Baden Hall seemed to have become another administrator of PBK. On his own page, previously, he’d posted:

“He’s apparently been run out of Queensburgh and Pietermaritzburg allegedly on account of the parents of young boys (and a few girls) becoming concerned about the undue attention he gives them.”


“Heralding from Queensburgh, KZN, after his ‘hasty exit’, that town was left battered and bruised, well at least a certain segment of that younger set were left battered and bruised…”

I left Queensburgh, with a positive testimonial, when I was 17. Pietermaritzburg has already been discussed.

After Protecting Brand Knysna changed its name to Wicked Knysna, the attack continued:

“Once again begging the question of why you consider it to be appropriate for someone with such deep rooted, dark, sexual fantasies to be driving a ‘charity’ that organises picnics for prepubescent and underage children.”

I shared a post by the Knysna Education Trust, complimented their work with pre-schoolers by saying, “We’ve gotta love kind people. It’s only through all of us being kind that Knysna that Knysna will find a positive way forward for all.”

Wicked Knysna re-posted my share, turning something beautiful into:

“You are anything but kind. And a forties something single man with no girlfriend, who writes and is proud to publicly display disgusting depraved rhymes, should stay well away from small defenceless children.”

The post was liked by Young and several of his regular supporters, Anne Acton and Michael Sangster.

Baden Hall: “If I were the parent of impressionable children, I would be more than a little concerned.”

Martin Hatchuel: “You could construe the publication of that poem as a call for child abuse.”

Hatchuel should have been the quietest person in the ‘room’. His step-son, Kyle Maspero, had become an infamous, under-aged murderer. It’s possible that Hatchuel was lashing out at me for reporting on it. However, it cannot be seen in isolation as Hatchuel had spat more nasties about me before the murder, and his connection to the Knysna Municipality and Knysna Tourism was tangible.

* * * * * *

Dr. Martin Young is an ENT (ear, noses, throat) specialist. He’s never been my doctor and he’s not a psychiatrist.

If I’d been his patient, he would’ve had to follow the rule of “do no harm”. His attitude to that is dismissive, summed up by one of his publicly stated intentions towards me:

“As a surgeon, I cut things out of people and really hurt them in order to make them better. This is no different, social ‘surgery’ getting down and dirty in addressing the negatives in our community, and trying to remove them. I don’t like it, but we probably need it.”

If Young’s bedside manner doesn’t make you dying to be his patient, would you want him as your DA councillor? For the continuity of the theme, I jump ahead to where the DA had made him a member of the Knysna Council. His job of assaulting me online continued.

When I reported Advocate Julie Seton’s misconduct to the Cape Bar, she submitted, in her defence, a fake psychiatric diagnosis of me by Dr Young. This chapter presents it word for word, link for link, with their use of italics and bold highlights. Whilst you read it, I want you to ask yourself how the DA leadership you think you know reacted when I reported it to them.

Mike Hampton revealed.

Dr Martin Young

Who IS the Mike Hampton hiding beneath his extensive social media persona? Honest activist or manipulative sociopath? Simple irritant not to be taken seriously or a potential threat to local society?

Hampton himself has given us as much as we need to come to an opinion, by analysis of his extensive written content on his own websites and Facebook pages.

This analysis is based completely on his own writings, actions and publications. Inferences are made not on only one or two instances but on a general pattern of behaviour which is on public record on his sites,, and his Facebook page Love Knysna.

Mike Hampton’s character appears to fall most clearly into that of either a ‘malignant narcissist’ or a ‘sociopath.’ It is debatable as to which condition is more harmful to others, and many experts describe the two interchangeably. This paper will stay with the term ‘sociopath.’

The argument that Mike Hampton (MH)’s actions best fit that of a sociopath is presented below.

    1. No one is born destined to be a sociopath. There is invariably a story of childhood abuse or unhappiness that profoundly damages the child’s self-esteem and character and personality development. Adult behaviour stems directly from childhood emotional abuse.

A disturbing story of a bad repressive mother and child relationship sets the scene perfectly.

    1. A sociopath is physically and emotionally unable to show empathy with or feelings for the situations of other people. There is no sense in which his actions come with a sense of regret or shame for pain and suffering he inflicts. In fact, damage incurred will often be gloated at by the sociopath. The basis of this is an incredibly poor self-esteem, so far buried into his subconscious that the sociopath is barely aware of it. Instead the sociopath presents a ‘fake’ façade of confidence, but which rapidly breaks down when challenged.

These aspects are evident in the manner in which MH enjoys or revels in his ‘exposures’ of local leaders on his websites and the damages caused. He sees this as a marker of success in pursuing his goals, bearing in mind that discrediting people, naming them ‘liars’ and ‘cowards’ has no bearing on the details or outcomes of his accusations. It appears his own self-esteem is only enhanced by the more people he can criticise in this manner and the more damage he can cause. Yet, criticism against him is unjustified in his own view.

    1. A sociopath is a masterful, highly skilled manipulator. Often charismatic and charming, the personality of a sociopath can be overwhelming. He will tend to dominate conversations and try to hog the limelight, demanding to be heard. Many relationships with sociopaths begin with dream romances or dream business partnerships. In reality the sociopath is sizing the other person up, giving what he thinks the other wants to hear or see, and is finding exploitable weaknesses to be used later. As a result, sociopaths have very few long term friends or functional and healthy adult relationships.

‘Love Knysna’ Facebook page can be considered in this regard, a charm offensive or strategy of endearment to Knysna’s population but where the aim is ultimately for a search for admiration and self-gratification, as well as generating an income via donations. This feeds directly to his site, a much darker, more politicised site. MH remains unemployed, a single, early middle aged adult, with few acknowledged friends, as evident on his own social media profile.

    1. A sociopath will NEVER acknowledge nor admit that he has a problem. He is incapable of self-reflection and self-realisation. As such it is invariably his victims who make the connection with sociopathy as a cause of their own distress, and this is then confirmed by the victim’s friends, therapist or healthcare professional. The last person to accept the assessment is invariably the sociopath himself. There is also no cure or therapy. Sociopaths become worse over time, not better. As the network of people he can manipulate grows smaller because of his cover being broken, the sociopath will become more desperate and demanding, or resort to more harmful tactics. Invariably the person the sociopath hurts most is himself.

The list of MH’s Knysna victims is extensive – anyone who disagrees or challenges him in public, or who does not acknowledge his arguments, is treated in the same way, appearing in reputation-damaging blogs while being accused of corruption, lying, cowardice and more. His extensive blogs are devoid of any self-realisation, or thought that perhaps he may be wrong in any instance.

    1. Ironically, the sociopath will play the ‘victim’ role to perfection when challenged, avoiding all sense of self-responsibility. Failures are always someone else’s fault. Always.

Hampton plays this role to excellence, accusing Facebook pages, set up to counter his claims, of being in collusion with the DA, as part of an organised effort to defame and discredit him because of his ‘activism’ and not because of his unfair tactics and refusal to allow criticism. His anger at being treated in the same way he treats others is clearly apparent.

    1. Sociopaths react to criticism with anger, often completely disproportionate to the insult. In business arrangements, where risk is part of the game, this inevitably causes massive disruptions. After an unsuccessful business venture any normal person will think, “Oh well. That didn’t work. Let’s find something else.” Not your sociopath – he feels a victim and that it was not his fault, that other people caused him to fail.

Witness MH’s response to having an extended contract with Knysna Tourism turned down 6 years ago, and his extensive process of demanding ‘retribution’ which has followed, putting blame on anybody involved with the organisation in any way, extending from Knysna Tourism CEOs, local mayors, local counsellors, municipal managers, all the way up to Western Cape premier Helen Zille. In addition, MH will not allow any criticism on his own Facebook pages. Anyone who does is blocked and prevented from replying. Even those, interestingly, of whom he demands answers.

    1. Sociopaths are obsessive gatherers of information, particularly that deemed to be against them, and of anything useful against a targeted individual. The phrase “Everything you say and do can and will be used in evidence against you” applies particularly well to those engaging with sociopaths.

MH’s submissions in the numerous court cases he finds himself embroiled in are legendary for the hundreds, if not thousands, of pages of recorded perceived slights and insults. It appears to be part of his tactic to try and overwhelm court officials and magistrates with volumes of his ‘evidence’ – little of which appears to be necessary or even relevant to the case at hand.

    1. Sociopaths at some stage usually get into trouble with the law, for overstepping the mark in some form or other.

Hampton has three warrants of arrest against him for harassment, and one suspended sentence for contempt of court, the conditions of which he has allegedly already broken.

Interestingly MH has realised a way to force people to have to listen to him, and to lead them into direct and expensive conflict, by laying charges in the local judicial system. Being a self-declared destitute, there is no prospect of those who win their expensive cases against him with costs of recovering that money. It is another manipulation and abuse of the system by a master manipulator.

The risk of more serious transgressions of the law increases with age, and as the ‘normal’ successes of a sociopathic trait become more rare.

    1. There are invariably ‘dark’ sides to sociopaths, habits or pastimes that are invariably socially unacceptable. Pornography, addiction, gambling, drug abuse, or abuse of others are often related activities.

MH is a writer of poetry, the contents and contexts of which would make any sensible community reluctant to permit him contact with other vulnerable people, children in particular. And yet he arranges charitable activities for underprivileged children.

More of his ‘work’ along the theme of child abuse can be found here.

No organisation or group that seriously has the interests of children in mind would allow a sociopath writing poetry such as this to have influence on vulnerable underprivileged children. It is extremely disturbing that the Knysna population is canvassed for donations to permit this to happen, and even more disturbing that it is allowed to continue openly. MH’s defence of his entitlement to do so is reprehensible.

    1. Cyberstalking and cyberbullying are clear tactics of sociopaths to get what they want.

MH has used his skills as a web designer, writer and blogger extensively to damage the reputations of his victims, individuals and organisations. His SEO skills ensure that this damage appears very high on the person’s search profile. His email campaign against ordinary officials including demands with time limits oversteps the mark of reasonable activism. Interestingly MH accuses others of cyberstalking him, evidence again of inability to self-reflect or self-analyse. In other words, hypocrisy is markedly evident, another trait of the sociopath in being unable to see himself in context of his own responses to others.

The commonest and most practical advice to anyone involved with a sociopath in a relationship of any sort is to break up the relationship by ending it and leaving. This is obviously not possible where the abuser-victim relationship exists between a sociopath and a whole town or organisation.

The only practical solution towards ending Knysna’s situation is a process of education or informing all residents about him so that MH no longer gets the support, affirmation and donations that he needs to continue living in a town without offering anything positive in return.

MH should ideally serve the judicial consequences of actions he has already taken and of which he has already been found guilty. This process is dependent on those with judgements in their favour finding the time, energy and the money needed for a return to the High Court or other courts.

Those who do associate with MH and support him should be made to realise that they bear responsibility for allowing him to continue his activities and should pay a similar cost to their own brands and reputations.

When their cover is blown, most sociopaths will at some time give up and move on to fresh territories and unfortunately fresh victims. This is not a great solution, and just creates more victims.

No decent town deserves this kind of attention, and our hope is that someday MH might learn a long and costly lesson, that a whole town cannot be manipulated indefinitely for his own ends, and that perhaps he will turn his skills towards something better and more productive.

Dr M H Young


Martin Young is a former general practitioner with ten years of general practice and counselling experience. He is now an ENT surgeon in public and private practice in Knysna.

* * * * * *

That you’re reading this book means you’ve got the brainpower to sum up the intentions of Young’s ‘diagnosis’ for yourself. But I’ve got indignant points to make, starting with it being generalisation without evidence. Young’s cherry picks examples that have the possibility of being misunderstood. Some exist on lie alone. As you’ll discover in the next chapter, there’s commonality and continuity to their propaganda themes. A nasty plan was afoot.

Repetition isn’t an argument for truth but Young understands that it works on the general populace. It’s a characteristic of propaganda used by both communist and liberal governments to praise themselves and demonise their competition. Donald Trump stops bragging about himself to insult those who disagree with him; the ANC wants to ‘liberate’ black people from white people whilst ignoring that the vast majority of South Africans are black, and that the ANC has been in power since 1994; the ACDP trades Jesus for power; the EFF temporarily switches personal bling for workers overalls when in Public view and; the DA positions itself as the anti-corruption party yet refuses to address its own corruption.

We’d have to be insane to trust most parties yet that’s what we do every election.

It disturbs me that gross liars have inherited our Earth and that Young is only one fingerpointer in an endless queue of politicians misdirecting us. But when the unjust finger is grotesquely pointed directly at me, I want to break it in a way that you hear the bones snapping.

* * * * * *

Doctor Martin Young’s qualifications were placed twice in the diagnosis, at the beginning and end. He, Advocate Julie Seton, or both of them, wanted to ensure that the reader is misled into believing he’s a credible authority. In between, he used the word “sociopath” 34 times so that the reader would be assured that I am one.

Young said that, “This analysis is based completely on [Hampton’s] own writings, actions and publications,” yet fails to mention any of the copious evidence I’ve provided against the DA he’s part of. He has fiendish agenda so, of course, he’s not going to mention the Party’s role. Instead, he ignores the millions of words I’ve blogged, and pretends that one blog and several poems prove I was abused and thus must be a sociopath terrorising a town. Fucking ridiculous.

Yes, my relationship with my mother was difficult. She had an awful childhood, then got pregnant and married young. She was damaged. She became an agoraphobic and a fundamentalist televangelist supporter. By coincidence, the day I wrote this, I was told that one of my mother’s loves was Creflo Dollar, the preacher who got his supporters to donate him $25-million for a personal jet.

My mother’s passions were a bad combination for my childhood and inquisitive mind. She drove me to books and then threw my books away. But it was far worse for her.

I let off steam through youthful writings, digging through the dark to reach the light. Facing emotional challenges head-on made me stronger, cleverer and more insightful. It made me stop blaming my mother and being responsible for myself. That’s simply becoming an adult. That I remained a lover of expression and valued justice was bonus. Whereas I left her house at the age of 17 and was 43 at the time of Young’s ‘assessment’, she remained trapped in the prison she’d made for herself… and she would died in it.

I long ago made a choice to put my life online. I don’t hide my past because I’m not ashamed of who I am today. The twists and turns made me into me. Although I can always improve, I’m the best, to myself, that I’ve ever been.

I was in dilemma when my mother’s cancer got bad. Young wouldn’t know the struggle I experienced or the choices I made. Of course, he wouldn’t – he’s not a shrink and has never had a personal conversation with me. In fact, he and the DA’s propaganda gang turned down my offer for a meeting on record. Young wasn’t interested in dialogue. He was just a corrupt politician abusing his doctor title for political ends.

He wouldn’t know that I spoke to my Mom regularly the final year of her life. She may not have acted like my mother for decades, but I had compassion for her as a human being in a lot of pain. I also spoke to her for the sake of my Dad. Young didn’t mention that my parents were married for 46 years or that I have a good relationship with my father. I’m worrying about him as I write this book, unable to be there if he needs me lest police come knocking on the door.

Young says I’m playing the victim but it was revealing, one year later, when he lied that I wasn’t a victim of the Great Knysna Fire, only pretending to be so as to abuse the real victims. The reality is that the DA weren’t enjoying my criticisms and exposures of their negative actions during the disaster. Young was the sociopath trying to take advantage of me being at a low point after my possessions had burnt along with the place I’d loved and rented for two years. Unsurprisingly, the DA-led Municipality never helped me. Their goal had only been to destroy me.

Young accuses me of always blaming others so as to transform the DA’s propaganda pages into an illusion of mine. That wouldn’t work if he’d admitted that he’d been highly active on several sites, He was an administrator of the worst one, Protecting Brand Knysna, which accused me of horrendous things. He’d never admit that the DA has never, not once, addressed the evidence of corruption I’ve reported. Instead, he reinterprets my gathering of information into an obsessive disorder. If so, that must apply to all investigators who give a damn.

Young fails to mention that I’d never been in trouble with the law until the DA gave me a continuous taxi ride to the court. He doesn’t mention that there were no criminal charges, and that all the warrants of arrest hadn’t been enacted, linked to civil (not criminal) protection orders involving DA members. I will address their crimes and the complicity of the court in detail in further chapters. I will also make available all the court documents for download. And in doing so, it’s likely that the warrants of arrest will then be acted upon. I’m risking that so that the Public knows the truth. The DA is evil. I’ll make you understand that as clearly as Isaac Newton realised gravity.

To accuse me of being a bully follows similar lie. I was one against many. Defending myself online against the animal likes of Young and Seton could never make me the aggressor. It’s Young who’s pretending to be the victim.

Alone, it’s reprehensible to state that a “sociopath writing poetry such as this” shouldn’t “have influence on vulnerable underprivileged children” and that “any sensible community” should be “reluctant to permit [Hampton] contact with other vulnerable people, children in particular.” The ‘diagnosis, as a whole, adds weight to the aspersion that I’m a threat to children. It adds formality to the direct and implied accusations online.

Sociopaths aren’t emotionally creative writers because of their lack of empathy. To say that I’m unable to experience emotion flies in wingless contrast to my online diary and the fact that the loss of women I loved took me many years to overcome. To pretend that my writing supports child abuse is equally absurd since I express exactly the opposite. Similarly, I’ve stood for gays and against racists. It’s a package called human rights.

Young deliberately omits my good deeds and attempts to smear Love Knysna Projects without mentioning its achievements. He implies it was something sexually dirty whilst excluding the inconvenient, propaganda destroying fact that beautiful people, mostly moms, were helping out. You only have to look at the photos on the website to see that there were wonderful times.

Young’s hysterical by the end, saying that “a whole town cannot be manipulated indefinitely for [Hampton’s] own ends.” Unsurprisingly, he’s in step with the comments by his crooked comrades.

Can you imagine if I loved myself so much that that I automatically killed people? DA supporters were turning against the DA because of their endless screw-ups. I may have exposed corruption but most times I was just the messenger.

I skipped accepting the God complex they were ‘offering’ because I obviously didn’t (and don’t) have the power of the DA which is South Africa’s second biggest party. They control an area larger than many countries and aim to raise hundreds of millions of rands for each election. For two years of my activism, I lived in a khaya (colonial name for a servant’s small quarters). I’ve no car or medical aid. Their court documents acknowledged I was poor.

What I did have, eventually, were approximately 12,400 subscribers on my Love Knysna Facebook page. 3000 of those were from Cape Town, the DA’s seat of power. One screenshot showed me reaching 199,493 people with an engagement of 12,695. Ironically, that may have been for someone else’s parody of Zuma resigning. Generally, I’d reach 20,000-60,000. I was (and am) most interested in engagement, the sum total of shares, likes & comments which are collectively called ‘reactions’. Most times I posted something politically important, I’d gain more reactions than the combined total of the Municipality’s, DA’s, Knysna Knews’ and local newspaper’s social media pages. Facebook will always achieve more, especially on a superficial level, but my political website had reached almost a million views and I’d gained a quarter million on News24.

Although I expanded my blogging topics, I particularly filled the Public’s need to know what was happening in their local government and, to some extent, in the Western Cape (3000 of my subscribers were from Cape Town). But because the Public are meant to obey the politicians, and not think for themselves, I was a news source the DA needed removed.

Young pretends he’s acting in the Public’s interest but threatens them with:

“Those who associate with MH and support him should be made to realise that they bear responsibility for allowing him to continue his activities and should pay a similar cost to their own brands and reputations.”

He would later take steps to intimidate my readers too.

If he’d “blown my cover”, and I’d become the sociopath “moving on to fresh territories and unfortunately fresh victims”, then why am I, years later, still fighting as I hard as I can for justice for Knysna?

* * * * * *

When Mark Allan posted more bile from the safety of Thailand, and said that he was passing the baton to DA Councillor Dr Martin Young, I parodied him by mixing truth with outrageous lies:

“Mark, did your Satanic Cult command you to sleep with a Knysna DA politician? Did you enjoy it? Did you keep photos? How often do you look at them, pretending to be loved? You never denied those photos. Maybe you were so embarrassed by them, afraid they’d come out, that you moved to Thailand. But thanks to the internet, you’re not far away, are you?

It must be a very guilty man whose too scared to put even a photo of his face online. Next thing we know, you’re going to say that you never robbed Terence Bridget, never tried to blackmail a religious man after drugging him in JHB, didn’t get into trouble with a biker gang… I want to call you a denialist but you’re so unsuccessful at everything you do that would be too close to calling you a success at something.

Don’t tell me, Mark, that the story about the goat and you isn’t true too? Please don’t.”

Thank you for setting aside this special Facebook time to cyberstalk me and humiliate yourself in public. You care. I’m flattered. Pity you’re not a sexy woman.”

When he protested, I pointed out that he had missed the point:

“Anyone can say anything about anyone without proof. If you can repeatedly associate me with a missing child and the murder of a gangster, and expect it to be miraculously true because of a poetry line I wrote years ago, surely readers should consider it true that you’re a satanic-briget-robbing-goat-nobbing-blackmailer?

The fact that you go on and on with your lies shows, very much, that you care. It may be psychopathic, it may be obsessive… but whatever it is, it translates into YOU CARE A LOT. You can claim to hand the baton to Martin Young but he’s just a mini-you, a man who has already dropped the baton repeatedly. You can hand out lots of batons – to Martin Hatchuel, Baden Hall, Julie Seton, Esme Edge etc. they are all bound to fail as you have, quite simply because I have the evidence and all you lot have is a propaganda campaign.

Your efforts to destroy my life are going to do the opposite. They are going to reward me with damages, they are going to make my kids project massive. Your failure may have been spectacular but the fireworks is far from over. The show in Knysna will be colourful and beautiful. Thank you, to all of you, for being my cowardly cyberstalkers. Thank you!”

* * * * * *

Dr Martin Young has built a façade of respectability. He’s worked hard at it.

Firstly, his claim to be a Christian is laughable. A pattern of behaviour reveals true character. His actions show him to contradict any noble definition of a member of that religion. And it cannot be coincidental that Young, at one stage, led the praise worship at the Vineyard Church, the den of Knysna Tourism’s CEO and other people who worshipped him before our town. I’m not labelling everyone who went there as monsters but if they weren’t cleaning ‘their’ House, then the integrity of their faith is in question.

For years, the Mail & Guardian refused to publish the DA corruption I reported to them. Ironically, their Thought Leader section has 55 opinions by Dr Martin Young. (South African) whiteness is like herpes‘ and ‘An inconvenient truth about paedophilia’ may be controversial but I mostly agree with what he says on a number of topics. What I don’t accept is that he means what he says, especially the religious stuff.

If a serial killer says the sky is blue, it doesn’t mean he’s sane. He’s only pretending to be you.

You must meet or listen to Young in serious life, or follow his Facebook posts when he gets frustrated, to understand that he only appears civilised. Something else seethes beneath. If Golem were to dress in white skin, a white coat and eyeglasses, it would look like Dr. Martin Young.

The “Dr.” title is a societal hallmark for knowledge and expertise. That Young used it for the abuse of power belittles its significance.

The real Young isn’t a political doctor I’d trust to have power over an anaesthetised Public. But the DA does. My appeals for justice fell on the deaf ears of the DA Federal Executive, the Knysna Council, Helen Zille, Mmusi Maimane, Jaco Londt, Peter Myers and many others.

Not only did the DA fail to address his many criminal actions but, when he resigned at the end of 2018, they made him an adviser on their health policies.

My thoughts about Dr Martin Young are best expressed by quoting the author Clive Barker, “To call you excrement would be an insult to the product of my bowels.”

* * * * * *

I regularly had days where I wanted to quit. The baddies I chased weren’t most to blame. Instead, my frustration was largely for the Public that had given control of their lives to the very people they complained about.

The tragedy is that whether I continued to fight or not, they’d likely vote in more bad people, probably without knowing their names or what they represented, and then go on to moan again about their favourite political party, as if their vote hadn’t played a part in their horror show.

The next section, the second Interruption, may seem wild but it’s me addressing the average citizen’s herd instinct and the status they blindly bestow on those hurting their community.

At the beginning of this chapter, I asked what you’d have done if you were me? It was obviously a repeated debate with myself but is relevant to you too. You’re a fellow South African in our criminal country. What if you stood up for right over wrong? What if what happened to me could happen to you?

I chose to not be a coward. I chose to fight. I’d always done so for the Knysna I loved but began to do more so for myself, accepting that I was alone.

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