SSDG Same Shit, Different Government - drowning in the deep blue seaDROWNING IN THE DEEP BLUE SEA

“You seem not to realise that you are in no position to negotiate. I’m surprised you even tried. We hold all the cards, and have all the power to make your life really and truly miserable… Jail is more than likely your next Knysna destination…”
Dr. Martin Young (whom Premier Helen Zille allowed to become a Councillor one month later)

Blue. It’s the primary colour in the logo of the Democratic Alliance (DA), the main political opposition party in South Africa. When they boast at election time, there’s talk of a “blue wave”, as if it’s something that’ll wash away the bad parts of our country we don’t want. But a wave can hold you underwater, drown you if you’re there long enough.

I’ve been under their water for 8 years, looking pale and running out of air. To survive, I’ve got to use all I’ve got left to kick away from the bottom in hope of reaching the surface. That’s what this book is. I’m kicking like mad, squeezing the bubbles out of me like there are a whole bunch of colours other than blue.

With this book, I’m breaking several protection orders the Court granted to politicians and a municipal leader against me. That I’m stating this here will be used against me. They’ll probably jail me, and I can’t stop myself from imagining the bad things that will happen to me there…

Protection Orders, as granted under the Protection from Harassment Act (PHA), are a grey area of our law, fairly recent to our justice system. They may be civil in nature but cross the border into criminal because they’re granted simultaneously with a warrant of arrest that can be enacted at the discretion of the investigating officer. Three of those and a High Court interdict will be set in motion as you read this. There are police who’ll be happy to arrest me. Plus Premier Helen Zille, the previous leader of the DA, and several of her henchmen, have previously threatened me with legal action too. Just because they’re bullies doesn’t mean that this won’t be the encouragement for them to do it.

The DA doesn’t want you know the truth, especially before the 2019 National elections which are only a few months away. This time they’re scandal heavy so there’s no talk of that blue wave. But they’re still marketing themselves as the good guys. I want you to know how bad they are.

I’ve fought them because I believe in the Public interest, that we the “Public” must always be spelt with a capital “P”; that we’re not slaves to Government which often needs reminding that it works for us. I’m no puritan, not only a wannabe do-gooder. As said, it’s also my survival I’m now fighting for. By the end of this book, you’ll understand. I want the crooked punished. I want a town saved. I want a life without fear.

I’ve been working my way up the ladder of power but I’m on a knot that’s giving me resistance without explaining why. Normally, that means nothing’s going to happen. So this series is an attempt to get past the crippled men and women in the Presidency, to grab the attention of President Cyril Ramaphosa himself. Or, if he’s kicked out in spectacular ANC fashion, then to reach whoever comes next.

Failing that, no matter what happens to me, at least more of you’ll be warned about the bastards and bitches in blue. I don’t hide my resentment, and I’m hoping that after a couple of hundred pages, you’ll share it.

Since his inauguration early February 2018, President Ramaphosa’s made lofty speeches against corruption. There’s no doubt that those involved in state capture should be sunk at sea but it’s disturbing that the crooks in the DA, his official political opposition, are being ignored. That’s even more strange considering the approaching elections, and the long free ride the DA’s been given despite its constant finger-pointing at the ANC.

Do us South Africans know who works for who, or only that there’s always a hidden or not-so-hidden force wanting a slice of our economic pie? This book isn’t about that but what seems certain is that no one is looking out for us.

Any President of our country must be against ALL corruption. He or she doesn’t get to have favourites.

* * * * * *

I wanted to start with the intimidation I’ve suffered, shock you a bit with the horror of the DA. But that would be me letting my emotions get ahead of me. Luckily, other words are squirting out by themselves, sperms of thought hopefully swimming you to understanding what the DA have done, why they did it, and that what’s happened in a little place called Knysna affects their national leadership. The Democratic Alliance are more the Devil’s Alliance than anything related to democracy.

With the social, moral and economic grave ex-President Jacob Zuma’s ANC dug for us, we needed someone we could turn to. I was more like my culture than I realised, thinking that ‘someone’ to trust was the DA. But once I lifted that fine looking blue dress, it’s was, “Oh my gosh, is that a devil’s tail!”

It was stupid to be so naive since politics has been about power since the beginning of humankind.

But context requires a beginning. So let’s go to where I was only a citizen stumbling into corruption in a small town. I was like any of you but different in that I found it impossible to let wrong go unpunished. It sure would’ve been harder for someone with a family to make the same choices which goes to show that us single people have purpose.

I’ll get to the DA’s fake liberalism in the next book but along the way it can be our inside joke.

This journey made me into an activist exposing more crime that’s directly related to me getting in trouble instead of being thanked. At some point, I made the decision to sink whilst struggling for what I believe; initially for my town that’s no longer my town, but coming to realise that much more was on the hook.

I never expected to last this long, to be able to birth a book that began with too many watery similes and metaphors. Maybe that means that even when underwater, the sky is always above. Best I keep kicking towards it…

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