SSDG Same Shit, Different Government - Important Definitions for Online TravellersINTERRUPTION – IMPORTANT DEFINITIONS FOR ONLINE TRAVELLERS

Fallacies are tools of propaganda. With caveat for personal adaptation, Big Think lists 6 types. Everyone should know them so as to be less victim or unconscious aggressor.

1. Ad Hominem:

“Mike cannot present a Petition to Parliament because we never elected him.”

The most common fallacy ignores the merits of an argument to attack an individual, using either falsehood or irrelevant fact.

2. Bandwagon:

“Everybody likes Mark Willemse! You should vote for him too!”

Doing something for popularity isn’t the same as doing something for just reason.

3. Slippery Slope:

“If we listen to Mike about the DA, the ANC will takeover.”

It uses fear to avoid addressing an issue, stating effect that cannot be proven. If the DA had addressed the corruption issues presented, it would have lessened controversy, given them credibility and made them stronger for the next election.

4. Strawman Argument:

Mike: “I’m angry at the DA Mayor’s refusal to be transparent about corruption.”

Troll: “Haven’t you seen what state capture has done to our country? Are the ANC paying you? Anyone who supports you is against South Africa.”

The troll deliberately misinterprets the point and attacks that imaginary point of view.

5. False dilemma (or options):

“If we listen to Mike and remove Knysna Tourism’s CEO, the industry will collapse.”

There are rarely 2 options and the worst possible scenario is unlikely to become true. Here, the opposite would’ve occurred. Wrongs admitted and fixed would’ve stabilised the organisation to the benefit of the industry and town.

6. False Equivalence:

The town clerk is a serial embezzler. Mr. Jones litters everyday. They hate our town.

Embezzlement results in jail. Littering gets a warning. However, the accusation suggests both equally bad. That wrongful argument is often used in political context, by supporters of one party against another.

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