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“The raisin at the end of the sausage.”Icelandic saying

If you’re looking for an excuse to look the other way, then this book is it. You can wave it at other people as your alibi. Forget that it’s part of a series and accept it as a standalone of helplessness.

Your community and country don’t need you. You are worthless. Keep your head down and dodge the shadows of Government. Accepting less and less is better than having nothing at all. You’re no longer South African. You’re just scared.

For you, this book is over. No need to keep on reading because I’m only going to speak about unimportant things like the future.

* * * * * *

I’ve long had thoughts to deliver a book but it wasn’t a pleasant option considering the trouble it’d drop me in. Instead, I worked on court cases and evidence for various agencies. When those routes failed, I again faced the difficult decision whether to publish or not.

The outcome is simple. Either I get the President’s attention and baddies go to jail, or I fail and the baddies send me to jail.

There’s reason why I’ve been called a “stubborn fucker” before. When I commit, I commit.

My intention was to spend December 2018 on research and January 2019 puking it into pages. However, intentions are as fickle as excretions are messy. Things got in the way in between. But I was encouraged to get the job done when the Private Office of the President (Ntombizoxolo Sanda), the Office of the Public Protector (Oupa Segalwe) and the Hawks (Colonel Piet Bergh) reminded me that the never-ending hole of government misdirection will make me fall forever, that there’s no intention to punish the corruption of the Democratic Alliance.

There’s this burning need in me for justice for others but, personally, I want to stop falling. I haven’t figured out how to fly so this book is me standing or ending.

* * * * * *

Through haphazard flapping, I got the research done in thirty-three days and the writing in twenty-three. To do it and other things, I never left my accommodation for over two months, working 80-90hrs per week. I ate less, shed weight, grew a beard, reddened my eyes and destroyed my coccyx. But I washed my arse everyday so that the dogs wouldn’t sniff me out.

* * * * * *

I wasn’t starting from scratch as the related activism has been my life since 2010. I know my topic well. And it helped that I wrote a lot of isolated thoughts as they occurred, going to bed with a notepad beside me. I couldn’t sleep lest I let those squealing animals out to play.

There were difficult days, my mind distracting through the humidity of Durban summer and pesky insects. But halfway through it got easier. I became awake as more thoughts funnelled into one highway where road signs counted down the kilometres to a place called ‘Same Shit’. Then it physically took me to another place.

Job almost done, I went to an unknown address so that I could advertise the book online without getting myself arrested. No exaggeration. In fact, I’m supposed to be to be in High Court in Cape Town in two days days time. Ex-Deputy Mayor Esme Edge (now Esme Jefferys) has requested I be jailed for contravening a court order preventing me mentioning her and her life partner, Advocate Julie Seton… and, obviously, their corruption.

The DA is trying to stop this book. They’re not accepting that I’m all in, that intimidation and cover-up aren’t options any more.

* * * * * *

I’m exhausted but I got this, the first book done.

That sense of achievement against the odds is tempered by the fact that with more time I could’ve delivered you something better, said much more, and maybe found mistakes I’m not seeing when rereading at 4am. But I’m playing safe. Time doesn’t feel like it’s on my side. Money will run out and then I’m screwed. I have to hope that the impending election madness gives impetus to this message which is the manifestation of my cause to help my old town, protect myself and bring crooks to justice.

Then I have to hope that enough people buy this book to pay my costs whilst I write the sequel, ‘Book 2: The Devil, The Deaf & The Dead’. It’s a matter of survival. I must get to tell you how so many Government branches and Chapter 9 organisations protected the DA’s corruption.

My life was hell, Knysna burnt and Victor Molosi got assassinated.

I swear you’ll get whiplash from the amount of times the DA and their cronies took me to Court. With extreme wickedness, SALGA (the South African Local Government Organisation), wanted to make me a test case for Local Government to sue a citizen. Realise the implications of that for our country! I want the heads of those bastard bosses to roll at the feet of our pretend democracy. Let those who eat cake eat dirt instead.

Even Helen Zille threatened to sue me. I’ll dig into her, the DA Failureship, and the mockery that the other parties are. You cannot trust any of them. From the Freedom Front Plus and the African Christian Democratic Party to the Economic Freedom Fighters and Congress of the People – all lies.

There is no one to turn to for help.

Legal Aid, the South African Human Rights Commission, the Cape Bar Association, the Magistrates’ Commission and NGO’s like Corruption Watch – all lies.

Parliament – three hearings, no conclusion, many lies.


Incompetency and corruption have infected South African. We’re broken.

But maybe if more of us write and speak about it, we can start a conversation towards fixing our future.

* * * * * *

A virgin getting laid isn’t a prostitute anymore than me writing one book makes me an author. Maybe I’ll change that with another one but this, right now, is a product of my activism. This is protest. The goal is to make a difference!

I’m hoping you consider me to be a responsible citizen and that I don’t belong in jail. I’ve tried hard to accomplish my mission but haven’t succeeded yet. I need your help to get to the finish line or, at the least, an answer (whether I like it or not).

Because you chose to carry on reading makes this only the beginning. Become a subscriber. Walk with me. I don’t know how long that rollercoaster will be, how it will twist and somersault, but you can always jump off. As Bill Hicks said, it’s just a ride…

Mike Hampton (Midday, 25 March 2019)
– After eating a meat pie and before drinking a Windhoek Draught – it’s done 🙂

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