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“I have it on good authority that the DA are actively trying to get you out, by whatever means possible.”- Candace Myers (wife of Knysna DA Chairperson)

“We are doing what needs to be done to eliminate him.” – Mark Allan (Knysna businessman and co-admin with DA of Facebook propaganda page)

“Your image of him as a hero is fantasy, much as there are many women who still support Oscar Pretorius and think he is an innocent victim… We will see Hampton do jail time.” – Dr. Martin Young (DA Councillor)

“Count me in….” – Sue Ryan’s response when DA propaganda page asked for financial donations to jail Hampton (Knysna Ubuntu Party Leader)

“These are frivolous allegations.” – Bonginkosi Madikizela (DA Western Cape Leader)

“Some officials are of the view that court action against you, with or without charge of criminal liability, might be a realistic solution to ensure that your ongoing defamatory action stops.” – Attorney Fiona Stewart on behalf of Premier Helen Zille, Minister Anton Bredell and Minister Alan Winde (all high-ranking DA members)

“Ask him about his unnatural interest in children… especially boys! I have first hand proof of this in my own home.” – Protecting Brand Knysna (DA propaganda page)

“He’s been run out of Queensburgh and Pietermaritzburg, allegedly on account of the parents of young boys (and a few girls) becoming concerned about the undue attention he gives them.” – Baden Hall (friend of disgraced Knysna Tourism CEO)

“His recent appeal for a child in need may also be a scam – a way to enrich himself.” – DA Knysna Deputy Mayor Peter Myers

“Attach his house. I’ll buy it on auction and put a big DA flag on it.” – Carl Krim (online propaganda supporter)

“He just does not seem to get the message that he’s unwanted!” – Manon McDonald (Fleet Manager for DA-led Municipalities Knysna and George)

“Can we put it to a vote, you know, like delete and block him from Knysna.” – Angie Manser (online propaganda supporter)

“If only the people of Knysna stop enabling, he will have to pack his bags and go.” – Captain Dewald Kitching (Knysna Station, South African Police Service)

“Knysna Municipality has once again fallen victim to allegations brought by serial blogger, Mike Hampton.” – Knysna Municipality

“We declined to attend because we were concerned attendance alongside Mr Hampton would reinforce the view that there may have been some validity in his allegations.” – DA Mayor Wolmarans on why she failed to attend hearing in Parliament

“Perhaps Mr. Hampton should start thinking of writing novels instead of trying to act as a news reporter.” – Attorney Dalene Willemse (wife of DA Mayor Mark Willemse)

“[He] cost us millions in tourism! While people are dying, his ego prevails.” – Esme Edge ak.a. Esme Jefferys (DA Knysna Deputy Mayor)

“The person costing the ratepayers millions is Hampton.” – Advocate Julie Seton (ex-DA candidate, still married to Esme Edge)

“Mr. Hampton is doing our town and its hard-working servants immeasurable damage with his blogging.” – Dr. Douglas Seton (brother of Advocate Seton)

“The Office of the Mayor is disappointed that Knysna Blogger, Mike Hampton, has chosen to go public with unsubstantiated allegations and unfounded claims of corruption and cover-ups in the Knysna Municipality.” – Communications Manager Christopher Bezuidenhout

“How does a person who probably requires psychological help ends up with such a following that the Sunday Times quotes him.” – Knysna Knews (another DA Facebook propaganda page)

“Please don’t encourage this person, Eben Jansen. You know me well enough to trust me on this.” – DA Spokesperson Richard Newton to SABC news presenter

“We’ll meet in the street. That’s where the playing fields are levelled, on the street.” – Knysna Fire Chief Clinton Manuel

“Go fuck yourself!” – Martin Hatchuel (copywriter for Knysna Municipality and Knysna Tourism)

“You’re a cunt. Merry Xmas.” – Danie Nel (friend of Knysna Municipal Manager Lauren Waring)

“If he was my son, I would hold his head in a bucket till the bubbles stopped.” – Mark Beard (prominent Knysna businessman and DA propaganda supporter)

“Oh no, he’s back again.” – Tim Procter (DA supporter)


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