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Wicked politicians and their cronies will be coming for me. This book assures their arrival. Lawyers are already threatening me for breaking DA-linked gag orders. They want to jail the truth with me. Before they do that, or I turn my life upside down in further protest, I’ve got a lot to say.

Whilst you’re watching too much sport, you’re missing the match of our lives. It’s a game where loss means our hope of a better future being kicked off a cliff.

I’m not a fake. This is too important to dance to a politically correct song. You don’t know where someone stands unless they tell you what they’re thinking without a hundred filters changing “Fuck you!” into “I disagree.” You don’t have to like me but I want you to trust me. So, I’m going to say it like it is. I’m going to, for example, say “whites” and “blacks”, not “white people” and “black people”. More importantly, I’m going to label the bastards and bitches, the idiots and crooks. Where I’ve been witness or I’m in possession of the facts, I’m not going to say “alleged”. If its arse is bright blue, it’s a baboon.

The series is called SAME SHIT, DIFFERENT GOVERNMENT’. This, ‘Book 1: The Corruption & The Intimidation’, describes the political corruption I uncovered in my small home town of Knysna that converted me to activism. I discover that it stretched to the political seat of power in hypocritical Cape Town. The reaction by the guilty Democratic Alliance (DA) party was to turn my life into a horror show.  You can read this as a standalone book of helplessness. ‘Book 2: The Devil, The Deaf & The Dead’ will dig deeper, showing the South African government to be broken and biased. I’ll prove my case by relating my disturbing interaction with Government bodies and Chapter 9 institutions. Hopefully there’ll be a third book dedicated to punishment.

The series punches with an online Corruption Library. Therein are my police cases, court files, Public Protector submissions, Parliament hearings, complaints to the Presidency and other agencies, forensic reports, emails with the DA leadership etc.

This book is published in the Public interest. That means for you and me. For my sake and yours, I need you to wake the fuck up! I hope moral South Africans ask why the criminals haven’t been punished. I hope the President reads… and acts Presidential.

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