Dream Dragons

dream dragons love lost

Our love used to soar high
like two dragons in the sky
We used to kiss and make love
and cared less about gods above

We moved in together,
swore we’d face any weather
A beautiful child was born
and to each we were sworn

Then one day we fought
You said: “You’re not why I sought
I slept with another man
I’m no longer your all-time fan”

The dream was harshly broken
and all my tears spoken
You and our dream child ran away
I, with my fears, stayed

Your sins didn’t win
so you became uncertain
but it’s a far cry from home
talking to you on the telephone

Now you want to come back
so my emotions attack
to leave me confused
and scared of old news

Then one day we slept
and together we wept
for I lied: “It was the same for you
but for me just a screw”

It’s not that I don’t care
or have nothing to share
It’s just me and myself
with life on a shelf.