Eck is Out – What Next for Knysna Tourism? — 4 Comments

  1. I’d be interested to learn what sort of project documentation is required for typical project proposals put to Knysna Tourism, or indeed those which they contemplate themselves. These ought to include a short description of the project, a purpose/objectives, financing requirements, intended phasing of expenditure, implementation details, monitoring of progress including extent to which objectives are being met. Without these as a minimum, it’s impossible to hold Tourism to account for its decisions.
    Your (f) above. I trust the lunch proposal would not lead to ‘boozy feast’ every day at rate payer expense. I’ve seen it happen in central government.

    • Last i knew, there wasn’t one. That was a problem with Shaun; disorganized and reneging on promises. He couldn’t be held accountable to his words but he should’ve been held accountable for not having a system in place after such a long period in office.

      As for the lunches, i’m as jaded as you when it comes to bureaucrats but some expenditure should be ok if it’s aimed at positive relationships that will help a positive future.

  2. Mike I think taking your personal vendetta against Shaun into the public space is unseemly. It smacks of sour grapes. What, did he refuse to support one of your projects or something?

    Hopefully now that the poor man has gone, you’ll turn your considerable talents to making a more positive contribution. In my experience, you don’t win by fighting people. I lose every time I do that.

    You win by joining them, and managing their failings, and celebrating their successes.


    • I’ve always been open about it and i have explained myself more than anyone else i’ve encountered. Fact is, Shaun has been suspended and on Wednesday, at the special meeting, we will discover some of the reasons for the Tourism’s board’s action. Maybe nepotism, irresponsibility and ‘misappropriation’ of monies will be among the reasons – if so, it will qualify a lot of what i’ve said. I’ve never sat on an only-complaint wicket. I work my arse off for Knysna and those do involve many positives. I may disagree with you on this comment but i’m glad you did so…far preferable to the many people who read my blogs and don’t get involved. Debate is important. Our town needs active tourism members! I hope that this Shaun saga inspires some of them to be so in 2013.

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