Eden District’s Municipal Managers Earning R9million Annually — No Comments

  1. As the voting tax payers, we should let Anton Bredell know that the most likely outcome of just accepting these ludicrous salaries is that the DA will lose the next vote. I have been a staunch DA voter in Knysna but really having second thoughts with the financial fiasco we are seeing now coupled with the lack of service delivery on basic things like roads + water resources.
    The DA provincial heads should give anyone over the limit an ultimatum – “volunteer” for the salary to be lowered to the designated maximum or face being replaced (even if that has to be by the voters). This matter is seriously tarnishing the DA’s good name that has taken so many years to build up. The term Gravy Train comes to mind which is exactly what the DA fought so vocally.
    Mike, maybe you could forward this comment to

    • I have been a very vocal critic of the salaries. I may have even been the loudest. No one is listening. The DA promised austerity but have voted to increase their own salaries every year. Politics is mostly a lie. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that anything they do wrong will change voting patterns. White people vote mostly DA and black people mostly ANC. Very few vote according to right and wrong but with such limited options they may feel forced to not vote at all. We can, at the very least, try vote better politicians in or be radical and vote for an independent. No matter who is voted for, the prospects should sign a pledge honouring their election offices and agreeing that they can be voted out of their office by the majority of their constituency. The problem now is that they get a job for 5 years no matter what we think. There job is safe so long as they don’t piss off someone bigger than them in Cape Town in Pretoria. Democracy has been circumvented.

    • I can live with high payments to the worthy but Lauren Waring has yet to prove such. All she’s done is prove that she has no respect for the Knysna public. Hell, she doesn’t even live here.

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