Was the Education Department Responsible for the Rheenendal Bus Tragedy? — 3 Comments

  1. The WCED had a duty of care towards those children who perished in the bus accident and they failed them and if there is a nexis between omissions of the department and the accident they must be liable.

    • This issue should have been a priority. That it hasn’t been resolved after so long can only mean that they are incompetent enough to warrant firing or they are in fact covering something up.

  2. Now what are they hiding? They the Daceivers are pointing finger at the ANC for not releasing the Nkandla Report but the are for heaven’s sake doing exactly the same! Of course they must in terms of the common law be held liable since they must have foreseen that such a tragedy might occur and should have taken steps to prevent any harm to our children. I take it that the MEC for Transport have legal advisors to point these things out to him. He has failed the children of Rheenedal dismally and should together with the bus operator be held liable for culpable homicide if not murder if you take into account the recent High Court judgment in the matter where the taxi driver negligently caused the death of scholl children in Blackheath Cape Town by driving through a levelcrossing. The law must take its course.

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