The Political Future of Knysna & Bitou (Plettenberg Bay)? — No Comments

  1. I see that in Bitou, there were 17266 votes on the national ballot, but only 16569 votes provincial – almost 700 less votes. The no. of spoilt papers almost the same 192 and 205 respectively.
    I wonder what happened to the missing 700 provincial ballot papers?

  2. ANC in Bitou has managed to get voters to the polls. If they can do this in the municipal elections, they can take Bitou, but a lot can happen before then, and with Cope almost out of the picture, the DA cannot rely on the swing vote. -interesting

    • Nothing is ever certain but they are, right now, in a stronger position than they were 3 years ago. Some people shifted their vote to the DA but discovered that, regards Plett, they were as hopeless as the ANC. And there are those that won’t forget Memory Booysen’s lies (which led to the riots in the business area). Plett crouches with volatility.

      • ‘Hopeless’ is a rather strong sentiment. ANC managed quite well, with some serious problems being blown up to obfuscate any good that they achieved. DA has also managed quite well, but also with some serious problems that have somehow avoided main stream media.
        People only notice the mistakes, lies and corruption, forgetting that largely things have been managed pretty well, despite the politics.

  3. Of course the parties that failed to get enough votes for parliament are essentially irrelevant, but they are the spirit of democracy, and those votes were not wasted. ICOSA with only about 15000 votes, has won Kannaland – significant.
    Also, Ubuntu as the only party with radically different policies, has done really well. – Ok, just over 8000 votes, but these are well spread countrywide, often with 1 or 2 in a district. Watch them, those 1 or 2 can have great influence, once people know that there is an option. I personally know of many who regretted not being registered, who would vote Ubuntu. = they havn’t bothered in the past because all other parties are essentially the same, slightly left or right, still under the control of the multi-national industries like banks, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture – follow the money.

    • The definition of the spirit of democracy will also be up for debate so long as voters remain uneducated (all races).
      ICOSA is a lovely exception because it shows what can be achieved. I look forward to observing their municipal elections in 2016.
      I admire Ubuntu but that result is disappointing. They have such a massive mailing list that i can only assume that some people voted blindly for the DA and ANC. As much as it’s a compliment, it’s also a problem that the votes were so spread. They should have put most of their effort into one province for this election. Yes, they deserve some sympathy for the challenges they faced along the way.

      • Mike, I don’t really agree. I see that your expectations are often based on the publically announced expectations of the parties, and when they fail to achieve them it is disappointing. But Agang has a foot in parliment, thats a great achievement for them, at least the no holds barred Mamphela Ramphele will be there to ask difficult questions. . 8000+ votes Ubuntu, is a clear indication that their support is not geographically based, in fact it’s international, and will grow. 5th place at Plett community hall, and 4th place in Harkerville, 3rd in Rheenendal, 6th Knysna heights, 5th Belvidere, 6th Leasure Isle/ Hunters, 5th rondevlei, 4th in Wilderness with 1.69% of the vote, and 3rd in Kleinkrants, with 1.6% of the vote – this is significant. And good results in the Cape Peninsula, and Jo’burg.

        • You know i believe in more parties for democracy to work and that i admired Ubuntu (and their New Era foundation) enough to give them more coverage than any other small party. I’m NOT knocking them for knocking’s sake. I want them to grow. But, for now, their target was 40 000 votes and 1 seat. They failed their target by 80%. They, like all the small parties, no matter what they represent, face the challenge of breaking voter stereotypes. It’s tough!

  4. NFP got 6.43% National and 7.3% provincial of the KZN vote, your list puts them at 0.75 – (I know that is a different article, but the comments are closed on that one). – How accurate are the rest of your figures?

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