Emails from the Tourism Toilet — No Comments

  1. Rein in your temper and focus on facts. It is possible to change the way things are. You have had your rant. They have to take notice of you. But now focus on the facts rather than the emotions.
    You have a very powerful tool in the internet. Use it wisely.

  2. Broken undertakings, no notice, no apologies, no accountability. Sounds like par for the course. I don’t know if you are going to achieve anything but go for it. They have attitude, no doubt about it. They don’t understand the passion that makes this world of ours spin either.
    Dead ants!

    • I have met many politicians the past 2 weeks. Mayor and Deputy Mayor meeting me this coming week. Hopefully it’s a productive meeting and we not only discover what is happening in Tourism but also encourage the inclusion of all of Knysna in their R4 million budget.

    • It wasn’t. I discovered so when i phoned to make sure that all was on time as Tourism had been using a part-time accountant. Before this, i had had it confirmed by Shaun van Eck (CEO) and Glendyrr Fick (Economic Development Officer) verbally, in a meetings with both, together and separately, and telephonically. Glendyrr had actually called me in so that she could determine the date, along with her replacement, as she was going on maternity leave. We already had the list of students. Furthermore, i’d asked Shaun to promise me, before the first one, that these would result in practicals as i did not want to be a part of the useless workshops that look BEE, cost money but in fact do nothing for the community. He promised. The first practicals were suppose to be during Oyster Fest. I had to chase him about the community budget from Pick ‘n Pay as he never seemed to aware of all that was going on. Eventually he confirmed that he’d received it and that we’d chat how to proceed within a week. Instead, i discovered that the third workshop was cancelled and Shaun never responded for 6 weeks as to why and with regards to Oyster Fest (by then it was too late to be included in the Oyster booklet). There is more. Nevertheless, i’d already had some insight into inequality in Knysna but without being able to work from the inside, i started questioning and was met with a series of closed doors which lead to be blogging in order to force them to have a conversation.

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