Environmental Groups Object 3: PG Bison/500 Houses for Rheenendal? — No Comments

  1. This is a huge money making scandal and should be weeded out.
    Leave Rheenendal untouched and green as it is.
    Nature gets destroyed by greedy developers Makes you sick Marlene

  2. What about the threats they make against tenants living on their properties? Even attempts and threats of ” getting rid of people?’ Kobus Venter is some piece of work, so is Gary Chaplin, and Joe Grove protects all the bullies. Find out who is Cherie Sindall living on Reenendal, which belonged previously to Willow Van Reenen who gave her a 10 year contract to stay on Reenendal before he passed away/ it was legal. Since PG Bison bought it they made her life a living hell, even her horses were killed off in the most brutal way, to try to drive her off the property. Strike against PG Bison and do not support them.

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