Environmental Groups Object 4: PG Bison bullies environmentalists? — No Comments

  1. Dear Mike

    I certainly do not intend entering into a debate regarding a very complex legal issue on your blog.

    Suffice it to say that I have received no written communication from the Green Scorpions as to their decision not to take further steps at this stage, nor have I been given access to the representations made on behalf of PG Bison.

    I have initiated discussions with PG Bison’s attorneys and have asked them for a copy of their representations. To date I have received no response to my request.

    The decision turns on the interpretation of when a listed activity commences and PG Bison’s allegations that they were merely continuing normal forestry activities on land owned by Barloworld.

    From the outset our sole aim was to protect the listed critically endangered ecosystem known as KNYSNA SAND FYNBOS .

    The fynbos is recovering remarkably and we have no desire to see PG Bison or its directors hauled before court.

    However, as this is the second most threatened ecosystem in the country, we have taken a decision that should the removal of vegatation recommence, we shall initiate a private prosecution against PG Bison, its directors and any other responsible parties.

    We have consulted a number of Environmental Lawyers and Environmental practitioners and we believe we have a reasonable prospect of succeeding in such a prosecution. This could serve as a test case to provide much needed clarity to environmental lawyers and practitioners alike.

  2. Dear Mike,

    Reliable sources informed me that the Green Scorpions found no wrong-doing with the forestry activities of PG Bison at Uitzigt and that they may continue tree farming as they have done before.

    I believe Ms. Campbell is well aware of the outcome, but prefers not to communicate this to the readers of your blog.

    Makes one wonder how many of her other conspiracy theories holds any water.

    • Hi, John. As you can see below, i got hold of Campbell for her response. It’s now obvious that you have inside info. Would you be willing to reveal your identity and who you work for so that your comment is shown to not be just a dig from PG etc.

  3. What about the threats they make against tenants living on their properties? Even attempts and threats of ” getting rid of people?’ Kobus Venter is some piece of work, so is Gary Chaplin, and Joe Grove protects all the bullies. Find out who is Cherie Sindall living on Reenendal, which belonged previously to Willow Van Reenen who gave her a 10 year contract to stay on Reenendal. Since PG Bison bought it they made her life a living hell, even her horses were killed off in the most brutal way, to try to drive her off the property.

    • I have heard many rumours but as i haven’t done the research i cannot take a side on what you’re saying. But i can agree that something is gravely wrong and that the Knysna Municipality is doing nothing to get to the bottom of this problem of possibly forced evictions… which makes them complicit in my book of morals.

  4. Dear Mike,

    Your blog during the latter half of 2013 dealt a lot with the “illegal” planting of pine trees on the Uitzigt property.

    The blog alluded to the fact that the perpetrator, PG Bison was breaking all sorts of environmental laws and their actions were illegal according to Ms. Campbell. She then called in the Green Scorpions to investigate these illegal acts.

    Your recent blog makes no mention of the subject. I am curious – was there an outcome to the investigation by the Green Scorpions and did I perhaps miss your report-back on the outcome?

    I trust that you treat “both sides of the story” with equal transparency.

    Thank you.

    • It was a re-posting of Campbell’s blog and, in light of the size of it, i can’t call it a lot but all information on any aspect is welcomed. From your phrasing, you obviously have information so please feel free to identify yourself and share it. Interaction from the other side is welcomed.

  5. Dear Wicked Mike,

    Your blog regarding the issue of PG Bison planting trees on Uitzicht refers.

    Your blog mentions a Ms. Campbell gallantly fighting against the destruction of fynbos on the site.
    I’m curious Mike – is it the same Ms Campbell who owns property halfway between Brenton and Buffalo Bay? Is it the same Ms Campbell who built a road across her property to the beach and in the process destroy many a fynbos plant she now so vigorously defend? Is it also the same Ms Campbell who built a holiday resort a mere 65 meters from the hightide mark in a stand of pristine indigenous coastal forest? And is it the same Ms Campbell who allows the resort’s sewerage and wastewater to pollute the pristine surrounding forest?

    Mike, can you perhaps investigate how on earth Ms Campbell was allowed to build the holiday resort only 65 meters from the sea. How did she bypass the Integrated Coastal Management Act prohibiting development within 100 meters from the coast? Dare I say that she bullied the conservation authorities into bending the rules?

    If Ms Campbell is a true champion for conservation I would suggest that she remove the road and holiday resort from her property to allow the very endangered fynbos back on her land. After all, isn’t that what she expects PG Bison to do?

  6. And so the beat goes on, Mulder have you no shame?
    We know you have no conscience.

    • The main ball is not Chris Mulder – property developers will try develop. The main issue is that Knysna Municipality chooses not to represent the public’s interests and wishes…and believe that they can keep, undemocratically, sidelining us.