Wicked Mike's Black Book of Poetry - free downloadThe ‘Black Book’ contains 66 devilish poems from my younger years. “What grade of thunder writes these words? We’re all undone, only numbers crying to be number one.” Download my ‘wickedness’ for free.


Click here: The 'Black Book' (459 downloads)


Poetry is the sacrifice of self. It’s love, hate, desire, fear and the many entanglements between; the diary parts we’re afraid to show, especially to ourselves.

It doesn’t matter if words shit or smile, if weapon letters are symbolic or real, defiance or capitulation. There’s no bad writing when vomiting oneself clean.

Writing is a weapon for freedom from the false and wretched beings we are that society created, the lie we embrace for false acceptance. Don’t be someone else, bound by unjustified morality that exists through the barbwires of greed, pain and guilt. Our real selves are found in the simple brutality of Truth.

Let’s masturbate our minds to come in the name of our own gods.

These are my ejaculations, sixty-six of them… a beautiful mess.

Click here: The 'Black Book' (459 downloads)


The ‘Black Book’ has two main parts. The first is pure selfishness for my pain. The second is empathy and sympathy for the world suffering with and around me. When rarely humorous, cynical would be understatement.

Topics include love like salt, child abuse, pointless living, societal bullying of individuality, and other shades of black. Rockers and Metalheads will not be surprised to know that my soundtrack ranged from Marilyn Manson and Metallica to Faith No More and The Cure. My depression crawled within view of death for a seemingly endless period. Surviving it helped me see the world more honestly. That’s pain in itself, but I wouldn’t trade hard-earned honesty for anything.

Several of my poems were used by trolls to try paint me as a monster, their attempt to discredit me after I exposed the corruption of the Democratic Alliance, South Africa’s main opposition party.

Guaranteed I’ll piss off the religious, and many poems will be difficult to interpret, but I don’t hide. If you think that “Smile when I rape you, then it won’t feel so bad” is about female abuse, you’d be an idiot. I put that controversial poem first so as to save some readers the effort of turning the next page.

I’m unashamed. My writing was mostly for myself, helped me deal with personal issues. My youth made me into the stronger human I am today. I doubt I could have become an activist unless I’d already walked through fire.

Bring your matches, treat my words as firewood. Hey, that’s a lesson in not being too literal. I’d hate for your laptop or smart phone to get damaged 🙂

Click here: The 'Black Book' (459 downloads)


I used my nickname so as to not confuse those who know me as an activist and/or have read my political book, ‘Same Shit, Different Government’ (also free download).

Mike Hampton

The truth may be bitter but sharing it is sweet!