Free LED Globes & Geyser Timers — No Comments

  1. Hi Mike,
    I just read your piece about the new energy globes. I have done a huge amount of research on these globes after a friend of mine’s husband accidently stood on one. He nearly lost his foot. The damage is still wreaking havoc on his life two years down the line.
    These bulbs are horrific in every way and once the old incandescent bulbs are gone, we will be very sorry indeed.

    I’m fighting them every way I can.



      • Unfortunately this plague has spiralled out of control already. With significant amounts of mercury in all these globes, it will not be long before millions of them start finding their way into aquifiers and underwater water supplies and slowly start poisoning those that drink the water.
        In Utah, where the best study has been going on for 5 years, the food chain has started showing up with mercury present. Everything from bugs up to deer and cattle.
        Good news for big Pharma, I guess.
        If nobody uses these things, they’ll just have to stop manufacturing them.

        • I haven’t studied it so can’t comment. But i have studied much else and do blog on other sites regards such. The tragic fact is that with most negatives, we are overwhelmed and will have to pay consequences before there’s acknowledgement of consequence, acceptance and reparation. The world is in peril. Maybe we should ignore the biggest issues and rather start at the root, doing the best we can for our towns, where we have more chance at making a difference.