Free yourself from the slavery of Facebook bigotry

bigots homophobia facebook ban human rights

If I’d continued living in that stifling box that most call life, I’d have killed myself. I don’t know how others tolerate it, wanting to be a product, never discovering themselves. I know that most will never change because going with the flow is an addictive stress. To those on the fence, where the hope for hope waits, I ask you this:

Don’t let your flawed parents, teachers or religions confine you. Don’t confine yourself. Shed all that you’ve been taught and start again as a shitting baby in a violent world. Learn beauty.

Some things will coincide with what you were previously taught (those that are probably right or necessary). Some things may find you in conflict with those around you but its better to be true and friends with a few that be part of a communal lie.

Whether you’re free or a voluntary slave, realise that two of the best qualities of being an adult are kindness and tolerance. We don’t have to be the same to find something in common. Transcend barriers.

Yesterday, I tested my Facebook readers. I discovered how they reacted to a photo of gay men passionately kissing. The Facebook group that gave me the idea did it for sensationalism and the nurture of hate. Although some of their posts interested me, their underlying fucking with humanity couldn’t make up for it. I quit the group and then banned the bigots on my page.

Please moderate yourself on Facebook and stand against those who don’t. Human rights isn’t negotiable. You can’t expect it whilst denying it to others.