George Rex Might Be Turning in His Grave — No Comments

  1. knysna seems to no longer have an Aesthetics department, or maybe they all have white canes and are turning a blind eye on George Rex drive ?

  2. So incredibly ugly and that on the way to our famous Knysna Heads. Tourist travel this road daily, what must they be thnking. The African Market is bad enough now this unsightly construction.

    • She doesn’t respond to me but you should all send in a letter of complaint to get attention. We’re getting nearer elections so the politicians will want your vote. The councillor for the area is Michelle Wasserman and you can get her on 044 302 6353, 074 112 2752 and

    • I’ve nothing against the African market. The problem is that the traders were just dumped there, on uneven ground, where a lot of motorists will not enter. And so they get little or no business. The site should have been properly prepared before the traders set foot in the place.

  3. Mary: You’re right of course. There is a wider malaise. But this does not preclude us pointing out new glaring bits of ugly stuff when they raise their heads above the parapet. Best M

  4. Yes, I also wondered. So ugly. But i just want to say that George Rex has been spinning in his grave for a long long time. It has got to the point where I feel the town is already ruined and there is little hope to correct what ails it.

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