Get Your Website’s Google Map Plugin Working Again — No Comments

    • That’s terrific. Thank you for informing us, Colin.

  1. Joining the chorus of thank you’s! This was the maps plugin I wanted to use, but was starting to look elsewhere when I found your post. Thanks for making it easily possible!

  2. HI,

    thanks for your articel. I just wanted to make two remarks:
    It’s not true that WP3.6 installs an old version of jQuery, it installs a version 1.10. Herein lies the problem. 1.10 means it is major version 1 and sub version 10, which is newer then (let’s say) 1.9. What the plugin does is comparing numbers ans the number 1.3 is mathematically greater then 1.10.

    The jquery-updater installs (at time of posting) a 2.x version which is mathematically greater than 1.3 (which is the minimum version required by the maps-plugin).

    So that is just fine.

    There is only one consideration: jQuery 2.x dropped support for (very) old Browsers (i.e. IE6). While 1.9, 1.10 and so on… still support those.

    By taking your approach you will most likely run into some trouble withe those older browsers. (Fine with me, I’d like to forget about them as soon as possible) but I just thought I’d mention it, as your site is one of the tophits when goggling for the problem.

  3. Thanks for this! Such a simple solution..for me…not so simple for the dude who made the plugin. BIG thanks to Rammonus!

  4. SWEET!!!

    Thanks for that. Such a simple and fast fix as well.

    I had fixed this issue by hacking the plugin’s core files on another site.

    May I link this article on my site?


  5. You absolute legend! Many thanks for saving me a potentially huge headache! πŸ™‚

  6. Wow !! Its just awesome it worked very pretty πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for wonderful tip Ramoonus…… And your song is just mind blowing enjoyed it.

  7. Thank you!

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

    I could kiss you! And Ramoonus! Worked like a dream πŸ™‚