Good News: Housing for Hornlee — No Comments

  1. I’m not saying that it is simple but apparently some municipalities have found a way. One should remain on the list if they choose not to take a house outside their area but someone from another area should have the option to move if they want. Why should a person whose waited a decade be disadvantaged because no housing is being erected in their home area whilst thousands of others, who’ve waited less, score elsewhere.

  2. The problem is that the municipality is perpetuating apartheid spatial planning. There is supposed to be one housing waiting and people must be allocated houses wherever those houses become available. This thing of houses for coloureds in Hornlee and houses for Africans in White Location must stop. But this ties in well with the DA’s agenda of apartheid.

    • I don’t like it either. The lack of housing integration has been one of the biggest obstacles to people overcoming silly racism. But housing is still better than no housing so i take this project as a positive. PS: Yes, there very much needs to be one housing list!

    • It is not as simple as ‘just apartheid planning’. When you live in a certain area, friends and family close by, a support structure, and then you are allocated a house 20Km away, and have no right to sell or swap for 8 years, so you are essentially forcibly removed from your support structure – seems more like apartheid to me (although not based on race, just on some officials random or not so random allocation process)

      What is one list? – think of it this way, you live in Harkerville, doing a day or two labour per week on a farm. You get allocated a house in Kurland (one list -Bitou) you are now further away than you would have been if you were allocated a house in Knysna, but Knysna and Bitou have separate lists.

      Perhaps the right to sell or swap could be immediately available, but only to those who qualify for the housing subsidy, thereby avoiding speculation of government housing.

  3. We’re are all these folk working?
    Industrial area empty ,shops closing by the day.

    • That’s always been the problem, the government putting the housing priority before job priority. People deserve a roof over their heads but without employment the system has to eventually fail.