Goodbye Mandela, Hero and Father to Our Nation — No Comments

  1. There are so many well worded tributes to this great man that my own observations can have no real significance. I like to focus on the one occasion I saw him. At the 46664 concert in George about seven years ago. His unexpected appearance was unsteady (even then), but when he spoke, all too briefly, the 99% white audience rose as one to wildly applaud him. Many, as I did, held back tears. I’ve never known any politician, in fact any person, to have such a powerful effect on people’s emotions. He was truly loved by almost all.

  2. I remember running away to Swaziland. Sadly, being dyslexic, I joined the CNA for two years before I discovered my faux pas.

  3. I remember, back in the mid eighties, when it was illegal to even say the word Mandela, I had a double-sided picture in the spare loo. One side was some arb tree picture and the other was that iconic Mandela pic at his Rivonia trial. When we had non-cool guests, I’d have to dash in the bog and flip the pic. Odd thoughts on such an auspicious day.

    • I remember the parties getting unbanned in 1990 and all my teachers turning out to be ANC, SACP and Black Sash. We, apparently, became the first mixed higher education class (with a PAC classmate not being as welcoming of us Whities as we were of him). Hell, one moment i think i’m going to be running from national service and be hiding in Zululand and the next it’s a new world and i’m volunteering for the airforce. So naive then. Almost everything became a lie, just black dictators taking over from white dictators, the public still last.

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