Grant Easton: Knysna Rates Must Go Up Double Digits — No Comments

  1. These councillors must watch out – it is due to our vote – the people of Knysna that they are in their cushy positions. Municipal elections are coming up – they can easily be voted out again. ….. just my opinion

  2. Their coming together means a bosberaad of another R100 000 plus. They just came out from a budgeting process and the financial year is just 3 months old. So what the hell have they been doing for the past 9 months? They should not look at their prerogatives but at their priorities and take the community into their confidence by explaining to them the real issues and stop spending on refurbishments and furniture and vehicles.

    • Nearer to two months. I’ve been banging my head on that door for a long time i.e. tell us what’s going on? That we have to guess or obtain information secretly is utterly ridiculous. Sure, there will be bad things ahead but let us make the hard decisions together.

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