Should There be Elephant Guilt? — No Comments

  1. This whole saga is so disgusting. Its amazing what people can do to make money.

  2. Mike I must compliment you on a well researched and persuasive blog. Hope this is widely read and that those that need to take action do so without delay.
    Surely we should ask Knysna High to remove the large billboard advertising the Knysna Elephant Park immediately. Hopefully the Municipality will withdraw permission for this billboard and any other advertisements that are displayed in our town.

    • Thanks, Susan. Yes, public reaction will determine our role in this tragedy. Either we are gonna do our best to fix our town’s dignity or not. I have already queried one organisation. I will add the school.

  3. Guilt… i’m very sad and ashamed to say that elephants were abused on our Knysna watch. As i waited, gathering all the facts, there was always the unavoidable fact that not one person involved had reported the abuse to the authorities. That they all covered it up meant that they were guilty from the start. We live in a world where television speaks more loudly than the written word. South Africa thinks very poorly of us right now and we’re going to have to work to show everyone that we embrace our crimes and punish our villains. No matter the sunshine the government spews about tourism, most of us will acknowledge that life has been very difficult in Knysna. It won’t help that we have gone from being synonymous with gentle giants to synonymous with animal torture.