Hardy Mills chatted to Peter Ahern, the man who wants to build the Plett Small Boat Harbour — No Comments

  1. The harbour developers presented a 3d movie of their proposal at the open day. It did not go down very well. They did promise that it would be made available to disseminate to interested parties, it was not.
    Save Plett realised that the 3d rendering did the project no justice, and embarked on having one done based on the plans in the scoping report, so that people could see the massive scale of what was proposed.
    The developers 3d movie was very slick, realistic with water moving and all, problem was the scale and style of the buildings. They should have stuck with a simplified version like the one presented by Save Plett, as they acknowledged that it was not really a design, just something thrown together to give an impression. (failed to impress)

    • Thanks, Keith. It’s difficult for me to have a rounded opinion when there’s so much i don’t know. I’m sure that others, fair in their opinion, must feel the same. Firsthand accounts such as this help put information into the public domain so that reason, rather than emotion, eventually prevails.