4. The DA Evil Has Landed — 4 Comments

  1. Mike and Patrick, you have my support in taking this matter head-on! This whole saga amounts to fraud and corruption and we must now as a matter of extreme urgency sit-down and formulate the submission to the public protector. You must remember that we are approaching the elections next year and the local government elections in 2016 and these projects are normally the way how political parties are getting funds from developers to finance their election campaigns. These political parties who are sitting quietly in the council chambers(DA, ANC and Cope) are the ones who will be benefitting. There are no principles here it all about the money!

  2. Okay. I think it’s time to approach the public protector. Is there a lawyer in town that is willing to draft documents pro bono? Is there a pool of evidence regarding these allegations that will stand up in a court of law?

    This smells like a heady dung-heap worthy of a forensic investigation, is anyone willing to help out with any legal/investigative skills? If they are not willing to hear what us residents in Knysna have to say, in a public meeting, then we should form some kind of collaboration that will take this lot on legally. Knysna’s answer to several self-inflicted financial crises reminds us why we so deeply distrust the political class.

    Knysna’s so-called leadership lack the political courage to address our root problems, whilst seemingly benefiting from very well funded positions of power. The time has come.

    • I will approach someone this week in view of bolstering the Public Protector. Some time should be saved as i have discussed this with the PP already.

      PS: Tragedy that whilst i’ve been posting this story, after dedicating a week to it, that the website keeps going down. I will make a pdf version tomorrow and mail it to people who give a damn about Knysna in the hope that they forward it. this is too important not to get it out! I may launch a petition to it as well.

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