Helen Zille responds, refuses to meet me

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I’m disappointed to tell you that Helen Zille has refused to meet me to discuss the corruption I’ve reported to her and others under her. You can read the letter below.

It’s notable that my previous letter to Helen listed corruption which she has avoided in her response, except to say that her and her colleagues deny involvement. That means that Helen never answered my clear question preceding that, “Do you (and Bredell, Winde & Strydom) state, unequivocally, that you are unaware of the many issues I’ve presented you (I then listed 10 items bullet form).”. It’s an important question because they’ve failed to act, and DA Western Cape Liar Bonginkosi Madikizela, who is competing for both Mayor of Cape Town and Premier of the Western Cape, is telling the media that this corruption is in my ‘imagination’ or frivolous. It clearly isn’t.

Helen Zille’s long-winded (but addressing nothing specific) letter proves that the DA-led government doesn’t care about the things they promised us they cared about – transparency, accountability and being anti-corruption. The DA remains a lie and thus Helen blows more smoke so as to stop our right to know what is happening to our lives.

I didn’t want to give up. I told her: “If you don’t wish to meet as the DA, meet me as the Premier of the Western Cape who has reigned through the period of my allegations and the ongoing Knysna crisis. You can bring Alan Winde, Anton Bredell and Donnae Strydom along if you wish. At least discuss it with them. They should be encouraging you do so, proclaiming their innocence through action and, most importantly, fact. If you won’t meet me as the Premier, then meet me as a human being. Although not as effective, I’m willing to discuss matters that don’t directly involve you. I add that in case it’s the on record description of the meeting that’s truly disturbing you. We can discuss the topics before you arrive e.g. the Great Knysna Fire disaster.

She never responded again.

Very disappointed but at least I know 100% that there isn’t the smallest hope to be found in the DA.

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