Zille & De Lille's Deal, Eden's Naughty DA Mayor and the Ironic Anti-Corruption Hotline — No Comments

  1. Eden District municipal manager said late last year that he cannot lay a criminal charge against Wessie because the amount is involved is less than R100 000, but this stupid fool of a municipal manager is completely wrong or is simply misinforming his own council and the public because section 32(6) of the Municipal Finance Management Act 56 of 2003 provides that the accounting officer MUST report irregular expenditure that constitutes a criminal offence and theft and fraud that occurred in the municipality to the SAPS. Subsection 32(7 provides that the council of a municipality must ensure that all cases referred to in subsection (6) are reported to the SAPS if the accounting officer fails to comply with that subsection. I really don’t know how the ANC that is the opposition in that council fails to take up these issues in a coordinated manner. We might as well have no opposition at Eden!

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