Helen Zille's Twitty Twars (Twitter Wars) — 2 Comments

  1. Godzille is just another white madam from the suburbs nothing interesting about her! And she was only considered as the DA’s presidential candidate after Ramphele dumped them. She is actually a second class leader!

    • The problem is that we live in a country of second, third, fourth class ‘leaders’. Options for true leadership are limited if not non-existent. There is a severe lack of bravery in South African politics. Helen had potential. At one stage, she was my favourite (now i have none). Whatever twists and turns she experienced climbing to the top, it changed her. Maybe it would change us all. Behind the screaming match and theft that is government, is big money. Money may not be a leader but it is King. Do any of us truly comprehend the plan for our country and our lives?

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