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  1. My grandparents lived in Knysna. I therefore spent happy holidays in this awesome town. My Gran built both garden gates and leisure gardens old age homes and my Gramps was a lawyer, working until he passed away. Haven’t visited much in the lady few years but boy does Knysna good a huge chunk of my heart.

  2. Hi
    My Mother Fatima du Toit is still alive at the age of 83. We are trying to find out about our family history. She was born in Knysna and her maiden surname is Dreyer and her Mothers maiden surname was Reed. Her mother had 2 sisters and 8 brothers. One of the sisters name was Hannah Reed who went to live in Ladysmith and another sister was Dolly Reed.Anything on this family?Would like to hear from you
    Thanks Noni

    • Hi, Noniebah. It’s probably tough for historians to have info unless your family helped build the town. We post contributions from the Knysna History Society so it’s best to go to thew source. You can mail Philip at Hope you have luck!

  3. We need to reflect more about the history of the coloured people of Knysna. The majority of information relates more to colonial times and the elite who were the landowners. There is no indication how it came about that they owned the land in an around Knysna. What happened to the indiginous people of Knysna? The only time reference is made about Khoi is when the meaning of Knysna is defined.

    • Since we’ve met at Knysna Keep, i’m sure that you will know where i stand with regards equal rights and representation…and accept my opinion for the honesty it is.

      Unfortunately, trying to be even handed is incredibly difficult if you can’t get communities to represent themselves. With regards Knysna Schools, where posting info is offered as a free service, it’s been a nightmare trying to get headmasters to respond. Even having a successful run i had with Khoisan singers (during Lit Fest, promoting culture) at schools last year never made any of the schools happy or participatory beyond the moment of a freebie.

      It’s the same here. If there are historical societies, writers etc. in Concordia etc, i’d welcome their professional input. Pride must start at home. And participation is always better than expectation.