History: Old St. George’s Church (1849/1855) — No Comments

  1. I gather from the dates that this was the oldest church in the vicinity & presumably would have served all denominations? More of a question than a comment.

    • If i recall correctly, the old church in Belvidere was opened the same year. As for denominations, i can only assume that there weren’t many options then.

    • Hello Desmond,
      The little St. George’s Church in Knysna was in use by June 1851, but only consecrated, when free of debt, on 3 October 1855.
      The stonework for the little Belvidere Church was completed by the middle of 1852, and was consecrated on 5 October 1855, 2 days after the Knysna Church.
      Both churches were consecrated by Bishop Robert Gray, Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of the Cape Colony.

      Prior to the completion of the first Dutch Reformed Church in Knysna in 1851 all parents, including the Anglicans, took their children to the Dutch Reformed Church in George to have them baptised.
      The Dutch Reformed Church of 1851 was demolished and replaced with a new building in 1904.
      So while the little Anglican Church is now the oldest in Knysna, it wasn’t in the beginning.