How the DA and ANC Screwed Plettenberg Bay — 5 Comments

  1. So what is the end of this story ?. As I understand it, some say the value at agricultural value was R2,1m. Central government gave Plett R30m to buy the land that the MM said would cost R26m odd. So central government wanted the change. But certain cretins spent the money on overheads near the end of their reign ? The landowners wanted the sweet deal to go through, obviously, as it is not Xmas every day.
    What happened in the end ? Was the land bought and successfully developed ? Did some officials suddenly get rich ? Did government get some change ? What was the land eventually sold for ?
    And the big question – if there was wrong doing and corruption anywhere along the way, what happened to the guilty parties ?? Other than maybe getting a promotion that is.

  2. I find it interesting that Bitou has now started to value agricultural properties within the urban edge, based on potential sale value to developers, and not the value as agricultural land. This results in 3 or 4 times the rates, which in some cases they applied retroactively for 2 years.
    In other words, When they ‘buy’ land for development, they want to pay the agricultural value, but when someone is using agricultural land, at least partly for it’s intended purpose, farming, they want them to pay rates on what a developer may pay for the land.

    • Thanks for that input Keith. It’s very worrying what is happening so as to gain rates, whether via property or electricity. Where one municipality gets away with it, so the others, run by the same party, will possibly emulate. It’s may be one of the reasons why the Knysna Muncipality is so pro development even if the consequences cost more in the long run. Even though they wrote off R30 million last December.

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