Hunger Strike against Corruption - Mike Hampton Cyril Ramaphosa Democratic Alliance

My hunger strike against South African corruption began on 16 May 2019 whilst I was in Swakopmund, Namibia. That’s where I finished ‘Same Shit, Different Government’, my book about political crime.

When I return to South Africa, I’m going to jail because I fight corruption and believe in the Public interest. Maybe I’m going to get killed there. I’m choosing my own death.

Although I’m appealing to President Cyril Ramaphosa, NGOs and the Media, they’ve provided no reason for me to trust them. I need you, the reading Public, to share this page towards a better South Africa for all of us. Please download the information I provide, be my back-up.

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On 27 May 2019, the Cape Town High Court ordered that my book not be published, that my website be closed down and me arrested (for breaking a crooked politician’s gag order). As Judge Babalwa Mantane never had a copy of the book or website, and made such generalised decision, I consider it another in long line of decisions made for the Democratic Alliance (DA), a broken ‘justice’ system protecting their corruption.

Media will not report on my book. Its evidence has been in their compromised possession for years i.e. a the court banning it would only be excuse for bias.

I responded by giving the pdf version of the book away for free (ebook/mobi R150). As it was meant to be the first book in a series, it must be read along with the references at the bottom of this page. You can download it directly from the link below or grab the audio version version (also free) from the book page.

'Same Shit, Different Government' (1215 downloads)

Five policemen were looking for me at my father’s house on April 20, intimidating him, saying that UK contractors were searching for my laptop and implying that the politicians would kill me. Why so much effort for an activist who wrote a book, unless it’s politically motivated?


My protest is double-bladed:

  • The first is against corruption mostly involving the Democratic Alliance (DA). The African National Congress (ANC), the party Cyril Ramaphosa rules, is complicit for having protected them.
  • The second is against the pervasiveness of biased Media and NGOs. They’ve pointed in one direction only, away from the DA which rules the Western Cape Province, at a faction of the ANC opposing Ramaphosa. I object to them, my dead heroes, choosing a side over duty, and treating the 5.8 million people of the Western Cape as if they’re second-hand South Africans.


I announced this protest on Day #10 (May 25), coinciding with the inauguration of Ramaphosa as elected President. More than the thieves and monsters I’ve uncovered, he’s responsible because he was the interim president, and is the only one who has the power to address the widespread corruption and cover-up. That stretches from my old home town of Knysna to Cape Town and Pretoria – through the Western Cape Government, DA Federal Executive, SALGA, COGTA, SAHRC, Cape Bar, Legal Aid, Hawks, Parliament and Office of the Public Protector.

I remind Ramaphosa of his inaugural words: “Let us forge a compact for an efficient, capable and ethical state, a state that is free from corruption, for companies that generate social value and propel human development, for elected officials and public servants who faithfully serve no other cause than that of the public.”

I want him to be Presidential. I want him to punish them all. And he must begin by cleaning his Office of the Presidency.



The Politicians and the Media will decide whether I live or die. More importantly, in the short term, they will determine how many days I live.

Each time one of my demands is met, I’m willing to drink liquids such as Rungani carrot juice (vitamin A), Supermalt (vitamin B,) and Good Hope Soya Milk (various vitamins including zinc and iron). Barring unexpected medical complications, that could add at least a month onto my life. President Cyril Ramaphosa meeting me (meaningfully) would be worth a beer and a multi-vitamin drip.

Hunger Strike anti-corruption diet-supermalt-rugani-windhoek draught beer


I request the following meetings, and that President Cyril Ramaphosa assist them into happening. They’ll decide my future, the DA’s future, whether corruption rules or not, and the integrity of the South African Government.

  1. Cyril Ramaphosa, Minister Justice, Minister COGTA, Minister Police, Head Hawks, Director SALGA, Chair NCOP, Head IPID Ethics, Head IPID Investigations, Head National Prosecuting Authority and complaints handler at the Magistrates Commission.
  2. Cyril Ramaphosa, South African Human Rights Commission, Legal Aid and Office of the Public Protector.
  3. DA FedEx Chair and Deputy Chair, DA Leader Mmusi Maimane, DA MP Eleanore Spies, and Knysna DA Councillors Georlene Wolmarans and Mark Willemse.
  4. A non-African Bureau member of Liberal International and a non-South African Executive member of Africa Liberal Network.
  5. Claude Leon Foundation (funds Amubhungane, Corruption Watch, Legal Resources Centre,, Ground Up, Daily Maverick, Wits Justice Project, Right2Know, Section 27, UCT Chair Constitutional Democracy, legal aid clinics etc.) and Open Society Foundation, international and local (funds Right2Know, Wits Justice Project, AmaBhungane, Corruption Watch, Freedom of Expression Institute, Ground Up, Daily Maverick, Helen Suzman Foundation, Lawyers for Human Rights, Legal Resources Centre,, Right2Know, Section 27, Mail & Guardian). The majority of those in brackets wouldn’t help me and point in that single direction.
  6. Amnesty International & Human Rights Watch.
  7. The manager of complaints for the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).
  8. A board representative of Primedia, Tiso Blackstar Group, Naspers, Independent News and CTP/Caxton. The managers/news editors of SABC, ENCA, EWN, Carte Blanche, Cape Talk, Noseweek, Republikein, IOL, News24, Sunday Times, Sunday Tribune, Mail & Guardian, Uncensored, Ground Up, Daily Maverick, Citizen, Wits Justice Project and Knysna-Plett Herald.  Each can bring a reporter e.g. Marianne Merten, Pinky Khoabane, Natasha Marrian, Denver Kisting etc.

It’s of course possible that everyone here, especially the Media and NGOs, will jointly decide to stay away, so as to dilute their shame and hide their bias, but their absence will be noted by history, no matter if they have the power to rewrite much of it.

But let me hope that some grasp inner morality and the opportunity to promote truth and justice. If they turn up, there’ll be no room for hidden agenda, only space for addressing corruption.

Only dishonest people would want to hide. Consequently, all meetings will be advertised beforehand and made available online through Facebook and Youtube. Where necessary, the government will facilitate this, even if I’m arrested.

The 50 organisations and people mentioned (not those in brackets) are valuable to my survival. They will slow my death, each worth 1 litre of juice to me.

Of course, if President Cyril Ramaphosa made a substantial effort resulting in suspensions, arrests and serious investigation (and that was reported on, and I made safe), my hunger strike would be over.

If Ramaphosa is honest and impartial, he should jump at this opportunity to substantiate his anti-corruption words and make the South African Government look better.


Many actions are needed so consequently these are only those that can be achieved quickest and thus become proof of honest intention towards the bigger picture (e.g. view my affidavits to the Hawks):

  • My protection.
  • Meetings with the people listed above.
  • Removal of Presidency staff who failed to act appropriately e.g. Robert Ngobeni-Hlongwane and Presidential Hotline Director Melisizwe Blekithose, and those they conferred with. Provide detailed explanation for their failure.
  • Publicly acknowledge prima facie evidence of my claims, and meaningfully explain the way forward.
  • Legal representation, and Constitutional Court application as defence against the SLAPP cases against me. This would include submissions by the NPA and other departments to any court that wishes to arrest me for contravening protection or interim orders granted to the criminals I’ve been fighting alone. It’s logical that all the facts need to be addressed, context built, before considering incarcerating me. Without that, justice is replaced by the cronyism of cover-up.
  • Knysna Municipality placed under administration.
  • Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane to explain why she and her staff failed to act on my detailed complaint against the whitewashing of their report in favour of the DA.
  • Investigation into the Hawks whitewashed report in favour of the DA, as lead by Colonel Piet Bergh.
  • Investigation into the intimidation I’ve suffered, beginning with Advocate Julie Seton (a.k.a. Julie Lopes a.k.a. Julie Jefferys), ex-Knysna Deputy Mayor Esme Edge (a.k.a. Esme Jefferys), DA MP Eleanore Spies, ex-DA Councillor Dr. Martin Young and Mark Allan.
  • NCOP updates the Love Knysna Petition, allowing me to fact check it before they conclude it.
  • The arrest and charging of DA MP Eleanore Spies and her partner, DA Garden Route District Councillor Rowan Spies, as forensic reports show is clearly necessary.
  • Disciplinary proceedings against Western Cape MEC Anton Bredell for his involvement in the corruption of the ISDF tender and subsequent perjuries to the Western Cape Legislature regarding it.
  • Disciplinary proceedings against Xolile George and Lance Joel at SALGA for threatening me with legal action, and attempting to assist the DA-led Knysna Municipality into making me a test case for local government suing a citizen.
  • Disciplinary against COGTA employee Asanda Magalela, for publicly desiring the death of fellow citizens.
  • Disciplinary action against City of Cape Town fireman Clinton Manuel for his threats against me, his role in the fake investigation report into the Knysna Fire, and his questionable hiring of alleged racist Wayne Sternsdorf (whose now Knysna’s Fire Chief, and was silent about the fraudulent report).
  • Investigation into Maritime Risk Solutions, and its owners Herman and Rheta van Niekerk, for tax evasion, fraud and intimidation.


As with the section before, this isn’t comprehensive, only the quickest route towards intention of cleaning up the corruption in the party.

  • Disciplinary action against Helen Zille, MEC Anton Bredell, MP Eleanore Spies and Garden Route Councillor Rowan Spies. Considering the overwhelming evidence, this can be prompt.
  • Removal of Helen Zille as Knysna’s Constituency representative, and prevention of her having any active role in the DA, until investigation is complete.
  • Clarity on the DA’s involvement with assassination suspect, Velile Waxa.
  • Investigation into the negative role by relevant DA members and officials in the Western Cape Government.



* * * * * *

15 May 2019: WEIGHT 92.1KG

I stuck a lot of fat to me during the first half of my stay in Swakopmund. I needed wi-fi and the restaurants had it. My horror at becoming 97kg became bonsella. I got very sick during the first half of May, losing 4.9kg but still more than I weighed when I left South Africa. I borrowed a scale from the managers of the accommodation where I’m staying.

* * * * * *


* * * * * *


My protest began 16 May 2019, announced until today. This video was made the first day but this is my 10th day of protest. I’d hoped to not go through with it but the NPA, IPID and Presidency, have failed to act dutifully. President Cyril Ramaphosa, this political corruption is your responsibility to punish… and my life is now yours to save.

* * * * * *


I made the mistake of saying it was Day #5 when it was Day #6. Five days and a few hours had passed, hence my confusion. And I was still pretty sick at that stage. I took a walk into the Namib Desert, outside Swakopmund. I asked South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa two questions: “Will you stand against Democratic Alliance corruption? What will you do for what you love?” That walk drained me but was worth it.

* * * * * *

26 May 2019: WEIGHT 88.3KG – DOWN 3.8KG (8.7kg since beginning May)

2019.05.26 88.3kg Mike Hampton hunger strike against corruption day 11

* * * * * *


2019.05.31 Hunger strike day 16 - 86.9kg

* * * * * *


Hunger Strike Day 26 weight loss Mike Hampton

* * * * * *



* * * * * *


Blog: Impact on my body

* * * * * *


Day 40. I’m tempted to make a biblical joke but let’s rather sigh with relief that I finally ran out of old photos of myself to post on Facebook as part of my hunger strike count. I’d scheduled them because I never expected to still be around, and wanted to remind you that my protest was continuing even when out of sight. IPID has opened a case and the ANC has contacted me but I don’t count on anything until they actually do their job. Too many agencies and politicians have run me in deliberate circles for years. Save South Africa by fighting corruption. Don’t be a small person with big opinions about faraway places. Practice doism. Start in your suburb. The remedy is a lot of people caring about their home area. Fix our country from the bottom up! Download ‘Same Shit, Different Government’. Share it.

* * * * * *


I shaved off my sexy accessory. Done some breaking, tearing and inner searching. Only found stubborn resignation.

Hunger Strike Day 60 - Mike HamptonThe soundtrack to this ‘movie sequel’ has been rock ‘n roll; from Jeff Buckley and John Moreland to Hatebreed and Judas Priest. Eventually the drums and guitars will become mimes so that all that will be left is me, as uncute as can be.

My fruit juice and soya milk will soon run out, water and black tea carrying me to my next destination.

My plan to get arrested will likely happen soon. I’ve chosen a date. That may be my final chance to force Cyril Ramaphosa to act like a leader for all.

Fuck those who hurt our country… and fuck them again when they use propaganda to pretend they’re holy. The entire Democratic Alliance leadership belongs in jail. Belief and hope is meaningless without action. I fight them with every breath, and without regret.

Keep sharing ‘Same Shit, Different Government’ (1186 of you have done so). Download the evidence to keep it safe. Email your favourite newspaper and ask them why they remain silent.

* * * * * *



  1. Download: ‘Same Poo, Different Government’ –
  2. Proof I’ll never get a fair trial –
  3. My response to Helen Zille’s threats to sue me –
  4. Affidavits to Hawks against DA corruption –
  5. Corruption in the Office of the Public Protector –
  6. Premier Alan Winde illegally funding private tourism companies –
  7. MEC Anton Bredell & property developers –
  8. President Cyril Ramaphosa, are you the real deal? –


This contains a lot of information but unfortunately not all the court info is available. I was less organised in the early days, never had money to pay for all the scanning and my files burnt in the Great Knysna Fire.

Take note of these folders therein:

I will be uploading more this week so please check back, download, back-up.


If bad people get their hands on my laptop and passwords, it’s to be expected they’ll delete what I’ve put online. These are back-ups of my websites, The Mike Hampton (new) and Knysna Keep (where my protest began). They’ll only take minutes to download (40mb). They can be easily uploaded into new WordPress based websites which range from free to cheap. You can set the information for private or Public view. If publicly available, use a service such as which is affordable and located in Panama i.e. South African legal requests to take it down are irrelevant. Keep the information alive! It’s in yours, the Public’s interest.



Support my hunger strike for a better South Africa. Email your favourite media and ask them why they will not publish my evidence. All of them have it, over 300 journalists. None are prepared to tackle the DA. Here’s a sample:
The truth may be bitter but sharing it is sweet!