The Immaculate Conception of Greg Vogt (Part 3) — No Comments

  1. Why people don’t do the right thing overall is always beyond me. The way to get at this is to question the relationship and accountancy between KT and KM.

  2. Why are those other applicants ho were on the shortlist not referring a dispute to the CCMA.? There is very little that we as the public can do pertaining to the appointment unless the applicants who were shortlisted and feel grieved approach the CCMA. Since the KT is not an organ of state or affiliated to the municipality to municipality one cannot to take the decision to appoint Vogt on review in the high court. The current arrangement between KT and the municipality is not in the interest of the community or Knysna municipality and it therefor needs to be reviewed in order to ensure accountability, transparency and good corporate governance. The municipality must halt any further financial transfers and bailouts to the KT.