Inspirational: An Orchestra Built on Rubbish — 2 Comments

  1. This is inspiring. And in fact, such ingenuity is practised in all slums of the world, demonstrating the inventiveness, skill, and resilience of poor people everywhere. Just for the information of your blog readers, a few weeks back on my Sunday Evening World Music radio programme, I played a couple of tracks by a band of paraplegic former street kids from Kinshasa who also make their own instruments from rubbish. They are called Staff Benda Bilili (which broadly translated means ‘Look Beyond’). They produce a great African sound. Well, of course! My programme concentrates on music from across the African continent. You can tune in to Knysna 97FM at 6.00pm on Sunday to hear it if you live in the Knysna catchment area. If not, there’s live streaming on

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