Political Analysis interview me: “DA leadership is so arrogant!”

Political Analysis - Thando Maeko interviews Mike Hampton - DA leadership is so arrogant

I was interviewed this past Monday by PoliticalAnalysis.co.za regards the DA crisis and my allegations of their corruption. I also told them what Knysna’s new Mayor, Mark Willemse, should do to prove he’s on the Public’s side.

“When there’s disruption inside a corrupt party, it can only lead to good things because truth leaks out. Faction battles take us a little bit nearer to what is actually happening behind the scenes… when we reach the stage where a political party uses disciplinary hearings to get rid of factions within their party, instead of to uphold their moral code, then we know the party itself is in deep trouble.”

Bonginkosi Madikizela failed to respond to the show for three days, despite telling them that he was going to provide them information the first day. Maybe that debate he and I had on Cape Talk dented his ego. Maybe his bosses told him to shut-up?

Nevertheless, interviewer Thando Maeko asked me questions that gave me space to paint what’s happening with DA corruption in a different way to what I’ve done before. I hope that you give it a listen and ask me questions on Facebook.

Listen to the interview at www.politicalanalysis.co.za/listen-new-knysna-mayor-should-fight-corruption-in-the-municipality.